News Flash: DIY Courses (Dyslexia Reversal System) Now Available For Parents, also as a la carte

If you’d like to take a sneak peek at some of the content of the courses, these units are each priced at $9.99 so that you can see what it is all about. Unit 3. Centering is the first unit for sale, but if any of the units(3-19) are purchased, the first and second units will be included at no charge and immediately available once logged in to the purchased course.

These links will take you to an online cart to purchase them individually:

Coming to this page, a la carte units available soon!

Level 1:Complete. The Foundation Course: $169.99

Level 2 Complete: The Cranial Course: $169.99

Level 3: Complete. The Clearing Course: $169.99

Levels 1, 2, and 3 Complete. Dyslexia Reversal System: $507.99

Personalized Online Skype/Zoom/Whatsapp sessions: $79.99/25 min.

What if I said that you could reverse your child’s dyslexia by learning state-of-the-art, proven methods and tools, in the comfort of your own home?


The Dyslexia Reversal System (DRS) is a non-drug, non-invasive, revolutionary, and completely natural method to improve or completely reverse dyslexia.

I’ve spent 30 years as a doctor specializing in learning challenges, and I’ve taken my best strategies to improve dyslexia and ADHD and condensed them into an online course. This means you can perform simple exercises with your dyslexic and/or ADHD child and see tremendous results (with almost the same success as you’d have coming to see me) for a fraction of the price.

(I will warn you—it does take practice and patience to learn to do the exercises correctly.)

When you receive the course, you’ll find the strategies laid out in a step-by-step process, with pictures and videos to make sure you’re doing it correctly. You’ll know exactly how to perform each exercise, how often, and in what order to see the best results.

We will help your child with dyslexia, guaranteed.

How it works
The three levels of The Dyslexia Reversal System are sequential and for maximum results, must be done in the order prescribed. If you have considerable time to do the exercises, you and your child can complete each level in a short amount of time, days not years.

If you opt to take some of the units “a la carte,” at some point you’ll want to do those units in the proper sequence in total within the proper framework of the system to achieve maximum results. Personalized online tutoring via Skype/Zoom/Whatsapp is available at an additional charge.

We encourage you to browse though all the units. You’ll see how comprehensive and well thought out the whole system is.

And Drum Roll Please….you’ll see that you, too, can achieve incredible success with this DRS…because Dr. Books’ has done all the heavy lifting, and figured out the missing keys to unlock your child’s gifts. All you have to do is follow the “yellow brick road” she’s laid out..and you’ll succeed. And your child can have a brighter future!

Level 1: The Foundation Course
You’ll learn the core exercises that help your child have a solid neurological foundation with the proper building blocks all in place and all synchronized. After this course is complete, you’ll see improvements in your child’s behavior, coordination, motor skills, and self-confidence. Your child will become more comfortable with who he is and excited for more improvements.

Level 2: The Cranial Course
The cranial course can reverse damage from sports injuries, head and tailbone falls, and other traumas. An added benefit is helping TMJ (Jaw joint) issues. You child will learn how to center their head onto her body for effective fluid movement and faster thinking and processing time. We’ll also show you how to help your child synchronize eye movements and create better eye and ear function. These will help their reading and comprehension skills.

Your child will feel like their head is clear and their thinking is sharp.

Level 3: The Dyslexia Clearing Course
Everything in the previous two courses has laid the groundwork for this third and cumulative class. You and your child will address his particular symptoms and manifestations of dyslexia. Because you have set the built the proper foundation and established the correct communication signals by this stage, you and your child will be able to remove his individual obstacles to schoolwork.

What you can expect: You’ll see your child reborn and doing math, writing, reading, and spelling with ease. They’ll recover their sense of wonder about the world and about school, and they’ll know they can learn.

You’ll see immediate benefits in your child’s ease of learning, tolerance for themselves and others, self-esteem, and self-confidence. They’ll be more excited to try new things and learn new concepts. And you’ll be right there with them in their excitement.

Dyslexia is almost always reversible. It’s true, and you can see for yourself. You can help your child regain a sense of dignity and hope that the future will be better.

Who is the program for?
Many parents recognize potential issues before children reach school age. Typically, though, children are school age. Truthfully, anyone of any age can benefit. Everyone needs a high-functioning and integrated nervous system to live the fullest life possible.

What parents say:
“His whole world changed. He went from his dad or me having to read assignments every night to a kid who sat down and just read—at grade level, mind you—and did his homework without asking us for help.” (AM, mother of a 14 year old)

“I just sat down and cried when I realized, for the first time, why my son was having so much trouble.” (Michelle, mother of a 12 year old)

“I watched my child shed her old skin and become a new kid—a happy and confident one—willing to try anything without asking for help.” (SB, mom of a 6 year old)

“I learned so much about myself and my own learning issues while I was learning how to help my son. We both benefited from taking the class.” (KB, mother of a college student)

Your guarantee
I’m so confident that the Dyslexia Reversal System will work for you and your child or family member that I guarantee your results. Invest in the system and do the exercises for as much time as you need; only days not years. If you haven’t seen remarkable changes beginning to happen after learning most of the units in levels 1, 2 , and 3, or if you’re not satisfied for any reason whatsoever, let me know and I will cheerfully refund your full investment(within 2 years from the purchase date.)

Reversing dyslexia is complex, but I assure you this system works. You bring the required patience, commitment, and consistency to the table. We’ll bring the proper background and knowledge.

If you have questions, please contact me.