Your Attitude Makes All the Difference to Your Child with Dyslexia


I’ve worked with many parents over the years, and I have a secret. As the parent of a child with dyslexia, your attitude is everything to your child and to his or her treatment. How you approach therapy makes all the difference in how effective Books Neural Therapy™ is at reversing your child’s dyslexia.

You see, your child senses your beliefs and attitude, no matter how you may try to hide them. He takes cues from you, and your feelings often become his feelings. The atmosphere you create in your home and in my office make a tremendous difference in the time treatment takes and how easy or difficult it is for your child. It affects her willingness to attend treatment sessions, and it determines how she responds to treatment.

A supportive parent is what every child with dyslexia needs. Let’s talk about the two best ways for you to give your child every chance to reverse dyslexia and be the happy, healthy child you know he or she can be.

Be proud of your child.
Children with dyslexia are often the most perceptive children you’ll ever come across. They have intuition and compassion that most other kids their age don’t have (and many adults don’t either!). One of the saddest things I’ve ever seen is a parent who is ashamed of her child… a parent who thinks he isn’t good enough, or who thinks he is defective in some way.

Your child is who he is for a reason. He was created with a different way of learning and a unique way of looking at the world. All our treatment does is make life easier for him. We allow him to use his whole brain. He won’t lose what makes him special, but after we reverse his dyslexia, he will find even more ways he’s exceptional.

If you feel any guilt or shame for how your child is, put that aside for one week and notice only the wonderful things about him. See his eyes light up when you come home and pay attention to him. Watch him lovingly take care of siblings or pets. Listen to him talk about his day and glow when he tells how his teacher asked him for help.

Proud you will be.

Follow the treatment protocol to the letter.
Books Neural Therapy™ is part of your life for a little while, and it has a specific purpose. To get the most from it, please make it a priority for you and your child.Dr Phyllis Books working on pediatric patient

When we work together, I will provide a specific food protocol for your child that includes drastically reducing or eliminating sugar and processed food from her diet. I ask you to do this because eating sugar and other junk foods interferes with treatment. Your child must be at her best nutritionally to enjoy the benefits of treatment.

Also, we will schedule appointments at specific intervals. Please do all you can to have your child at my office at the agreed-upon time. I know things come up and life happens—when my kids were growing up, it seemed like we were running ragged and an hour behind much of the time.

The more we meet, the more we can accomplish. I may ask you to perform exercises at home for the same reason teachers assign homework. We want to reinforce what we accomplished in therapy, and the extra work will move us closer to our treatment goals.

When we all work together, we can do amazing things for your child. As I said, your attitude is the key. If you and your child with dyslexia are ready to take steps to reverse it, please let me know. I look forward to working with you.


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