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A combination of treatments

unlike any other.

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                         By Bernice Dotz




         Books Neural Therapy™ is a unique, non-force, non-drug therapy developed by Dr. Phyllis Books for treating various mechanical, neurological and emotional disorders.  Books Neural Therapy™ looks at the development of the whole body, not just one part.

         Books Neural Therapy™ uses a multidisciplinary approach.  Books Neural Therapy™ looks at structural and neurological causes of the problems.


1.    A very thorough case history is taken, followed by neurological, structural, educational/cognitive testing.  Each person is unique, so a plan is developed and discussed with the patient taking into account their strengths, weaknesses and goals.

2.    The nervous system coordinates body movements and brain function.  Gross motor skills such as running and jumping need to be in good working order before fine motor skills such as reading and handwriting can function well.

3.    The body is designed and develops in a sequential order.  Biology, psychology and neuroscience are making new findings and advances in neuroscience which Dr. Books studies and adds to her protocol of treatments.

4.    Books Neural Therapy™ finds the communication break down in the nervous system and then readjusts the particular neurological pathways so the entire body operates with more ease, confidence and efficiency.

5.    This is done with gentle, hands on, non-invasive treatment, addressing various areas of the body with a lot of emphasis on the head, eyes, ears and TMJ (jaw joint).  The doctor addresses sensory input and helps upgrade the functioning and coordination of the various senses.

6.    Neurological therapy as done in Books Neural Therapy™ addresses the neurobiological development of the human being.  It is foundational work in that it provides often missing building blocks to a cohesive and smoothly integrated nervous system.

7.    Currently there is a lot of research on the “basic brain” which Dr. Books has zeroed in on many years ago.  If this hindbrain, basal ganglia, cerebellum, etc.  isn’t in proper working order, higher order learning will have “glitches” in it.

8.    Books Neural Therapy™ is an incredibly logical and sequential series of adjustments to the brain and nervous system, which affects brain function.  It seems that very few people thought of addressing the neurological system in a non-invasive, natural way.  Our traditional western medical model focuses on medication and invasive surgical procedures.  Books Neural Therapy™ is a totally natural and non-invasive way of dealing with natural cause and effect in the brain and body.

9.    Sensory integration, often performed by occupational therapists, would have some of the components of Books Neural Therapy™, since they deal with sensory input to the brain.

10.       Chiropractors and Osteopaths who deal with the spine and visceral relationships, various therapists, who do cranial and sacral therapy address parts, nutritionist, neurologists, psychotherapists, all address parts of the Books Neural Therapy™ complex.  Only Books Neural Therapy™ addresses the whole variety of therapies.

11.       For brain injuries Books Neural Therapy™ starts with the very beginning and rebuilds the primitive reflexes dealing with balance centering, progressing to hearing (auditory) and visual reflexes.  Books Neural Therapy™ works with one part of the body system after the other starting with the feet, the pelvic area, the spine, shoulders, neck and jaw joints on the other parts of the skull.  The TMJ (jaw joint) is the counter balance to the pelvic area.  The Books Neural Therapy™ practitioner will balance the pelvic area before the jaw joint or it will not hold.  Many times the eye muscles are not coordinated.  This could be from a fall or trauma; or one of the four cranial nerves that deal with the eye muscles are malfunctioning.  Or the sphenoid bones, which form part of the eye socket, might be slightly askew.  In that case the eyes will have great difficulty tracking together.  If the eyes are not tracking in sync or if the eye movement and auditory channels are out of sync, reading will be much slower.

12.       Treatments usually consist of about 16 to 20 half hour sessions over a two to three month period.  Many people from long distances fly or drive to Austin, Texas or Solvang, California and stay for four or five days.  Books Neural Therapy™ is then administered three or four times a day.  Once the body finally “gets” what is normal, it wants to stay there.  Unless there is another trauma, corrections are still holding after five, ten or fifteen years.

13.       Some people begin to feel a difference after one or two treatments.  Some people are not as tuned in to their bodies and do not feel the changes until later.  Sometimes the origin of these neurological problems is hereditary.  Sometimes it is due to an old fall to the head or tailbone.  Sometimes it is biochemical.  Sometimes it is sever allergies.  Each case is individual.  Dr. Books gives hope where it is realistic and truthful when current evidence indicates otherwise.

14.       Nutrition, life style and daily patterns are important.  Allergies and nutrition are also a part of the “big picture” approach to treating focusing and behavior problems.

15.       Improved reading speed and comprehension are some of the things Books Neural Therapy™ does best.  Dyslexia is actually reversible.  Many people believe it is something you have to learn to live with and compensate for.  Books Neural Therapy™ by addressing the problem at neurological and developmental levels has an 85% success rate of correcting dyslexia.  We work at a permanent correction.

16.       Books Neural Therapy™ does no harm.  In about 15% of cases nothing happens.

17.       Who can benefit from Books Neural Therapy™?  People with learning problems, neurological problems, (learning has a neurological component to it) brain injuries, physical coordination problems, too much stress…in short, almost anyone can benefit from Books Neural Therapy™.


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