The Absolute Miracle for Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities


Taken from Chapter 5, House of Miracles by Bernice Dotz

I’ve seen miracles happen in my own house for many children and adults with learning disabilities.House of Miracles

One of the definitions the Oxford Dictionary gives for miracle is “a highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment that brings very welcome consequences”. This description led me to call my house the “House of Miracles”. Dozens and dozens of extraordinary accomplishments took place in my home at the hands of Dr. Phyllis Books and her neural therapy treatment.

For more than fifty years as a former teacher, I wondered why some children just couldn’t learn; I taught the same thing to every student in the class, but occasionally, one of them just did not understand what was going on. I hated to hold these children back, but I knew they would struggle through the higher grades if they did not have a proper foundation.

Back then, we didn’t know as much as we do now about helping children with learning disabilities, so I tried various teaching techniques. Phonics helped some while one-on-one teaching helped others. But there were students who just couldn’t comprehend the lessons.

I met Dr. Books at her parents’ golden wedding celebration. She had come from Texas to Solvang, California, “The Danish Capital of America”, for the happy occasion. In our conversation, she told me that she worked with people who had “learning disabilities”, or as she described it, people who have “learning differences”.

Dr. Books explained that some children have a neurological dysfunction that cannot be overcome by standard teaching methods, so they need neural therapy treatment. Because one of my grandsons was getting D’s and F’s in junior high, I was interested in the technique she developed, Books Neural Therapy™, to help these people.

Since she had to fly back to Texas, she told me of a chiropractor in Santa Barbara, California who did some of the alternative therapies Dr. Books does. We took my grandson to this doctor. He improved a little, but we discontinued his neural therapy treatment too soon.

When Dr. Books was in town again several months later, she asked how Rick was doing. I told her he had improved a little, and she offered to treat him. The results were so amazing that I offered her my home as a second treatment office whenever she came to California.

For the next several years, the things that happened at my house seemed like a miracle to me. Patients shuffled to my door looking down at the ground, with stooped shoulders and skeptical attitudes. They had already tried everything to make a difference in their lives, but nothing helped.

Dr. Books’ gentle touch on the key spots of a body produces miracles of healing, just as her gentle touch on the keys of a piano produces beautiful music. I watched day after day, as both children and adults, after one or more treatments from Dr. Books, left my house walking confidently, smiling, heads held high, ready to challenge the world.

Imagine the joy of a child who suddenly realizes, “I can do it! I can read!” Or the delight of the woman who said, “My head doesn’t ache anymore”.

But it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes from sixteen to twenty half-hour treatments for the average learning-disabled person to improve to near grade level, with further improvements coming over time and with teaching.

“What can I do to help spread the word about this wonderful breakthrough that helps people with learning disabilities?” was the question that plagued me.

Writing this book was the answer. With Books Neural Therapy™, Dr. Phyllis Books has helped thousands with learning disabilities worldwide through her own practice and through other professionals she has taught.

For more information about what she is doing now, visit her website or contact her today to schedule a consultation or appointment.

With neural therapy treatment, get ready to find help and hope for a friend or relative with a “learning difference”.


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