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The Absolute Miracle for Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities

Taken from Chapter 5, House of Miracles by Bernice Dotz I’ve seen miracles happen in my own house for many children and adults with learning disabilities. One of the definitions the Oxford Dictionary gives for miracle is “a highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment that brings very welcome consequences”. This description led me to call my house the “House of Miracles”. Dozens and dozens of extraordinary accomplishments took place in my home at the hands of Dr. Phyllis Books and her neural therapy treatment. For more than fifty years as a former teacher, I wondered why some children


Did You Know There Are Effective Treatments for ADD, Developmental Delays, and Learning Disabilities?

Taken from Chapter 15, House of Miracles by Bernice Dotz Martin was awkward, moved in an ungraceful fashion, and walked with an unbalanced gait because the neurological pathways from his brain to his muscles were not coordinated or developed. He and his family were told he had ADD, learning disabilities, and developmental delays. He learned to ride a bike when he was six, so his balance was good then. Subsequent falls on his head and tailbone knocked him out of alignment, affecting his balance. At eight, Martin had an EEG and an EKG, which showed electrical and conductive problems. He