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Why is Dyslexia So Misunderstood? Part Two

In the last blog, we asked why dyslexia is so misunderstood and mishandled today. We discussed dyslexia research and the most basic definition of dyslexia, which is experiencing trouble with the written word. We used the analogy of a tree to discuss the simplest and lowest level, the leaves, which correlate to the written words we see on a computer screen or page of a book. A child with dyslexia is unable to make sense of those words, and the typical explanations of dyslexia are too simplistic. Let’s take the next level of our tree and talk about how your


Why is Dyslexia So Misunderstood? Part One

“It [dyslexia] is the most misunderstood of all disorders because it is incorrectly perceived as a reading problem owing to mental reversal or transposition of letters.” ~Robert Melillo, fellow Doctor of Chiropractic and teacher of Childhood Development Disorders classes for the International Association of Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation. Not only do I agree with Dr. Melillo’s assessment, but I also believe that dyslexia is also the most mismanaged disorder! The way we as a society typically approach it is bumbling and fumbling, and we truly do a disservice to adults and children with dyslexia. Maryann Wolf, professor at Tufts University