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Just What is Books Neural Therapy™?

JUST WHAT IS BOOKS NEURAL THERAPY™? A combination of treatments unlike any other.                             Chapter 3, “House of Miracles”                          By Bernice Dotz                Books Neural Therapy™ is a unique, non-force, non-drug therapy developed by Dr. Phyllis Books for treating various mechanical, neurological and emotional disorders.  Books Neural Therapy™ looks at the development of the whole body, not just one part.          Books Neural Therapy™ uses a multidisciplinary approach.  Books Neural Therapy™ looks


Do you know people who are accident prone?

Do you know people who are ACCIDENT PRONE? Christian and his Mother were. Chapter 12, “House of Miracles” by Bernice Dotz    The townspeople in our Danish tourist village were assembling for the annual Danish Sisterhood Christmas party. Garlands and Danish Christmas hearts hung on the walls of the parish hall and an eighteen-foot Monterey Pine Christmas tree, decorated with lights and balls, stood in the center. Tables were covered with red tablecloths; white napkins enclosed the knife, fork, and spoon. Centerpieces were Christmas evergreens interspersed with votive candles sparkling inside little glass globes. A young man sat at a