Sweet Potato Pancake Recipe….Just in time for Thanksgiving!


Sweet Potato Pancakes:   sweet-potato-pancakes1-800x533

Makes about 12

1 large sweet potato
Half small or medium onion
2 pastured eggs
1/2 tbsp coconut flour
1/2 tsp salt and pepper
2 tbsp coconut oil


1. Shred sweet potato and onion. To make it easier use the shredder on a food processor.

2. Place the sweet potato and onion on a clean kitchen towel and squeeze out the moisture. Set aside still on the towel.

3. In a large bowl whisk eggs, coconut flour, salt and pepper together.

4. After the shredded potato and onion has sat for a few minutes try to squeeze out a little more moisture.

5. Add the sweet potato and onion to the egg mixture and mix well.

6. Heat coconut oil in a cast iron skillet.  If you use a larger skillet you may need to add more oil because the pancakes have to fry in a good layer of oil.

7. Once oil is hot add small spoonfuls of the mixture to the skillet. Cook for a few minutes on one side until golden brown, then flip and cook the other side.

8. Place on a paper towel after frying to catch excess oil. Serve with sour cream or greek yogurt and applesauce.



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