Success by Symptoms

“My body hurt and I was so drunk feeling. I was running into walls, couldn’t stay awake to teach my six afternoon classes in music; couldn’t tell when the car had come to a full stop. Headaches galore! I had to do something.
My orthodontist recommended Dr. Books. Her professionalism and sincere interest immediately calmed me. In less than two weeks, my hearing has returned for 3 mornings in a row now; I’m not dizzy or drunk feeling, my energy level is back to normal, I am teaching 12 music classes a day and feeling as spunky the last class as the first.

In all, I am so relieved that without surgery, I have found help (even about possible dairy allergies related to my life time of ear infections.) I appreciate, equally as well, the orthodontist who did not let his pride override his professionalism and sincere concern for my best health – and referred me to Dr. Books.
I’ve been telling the world about her.”


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