Success with Publishing
Format: Paperback

The book, Reversing Dyslexia, is Revolutionary! Particularly timely; a significant contribution to the practical understanding of reversing the problem of Dyslexia today!
Parents and Teachers, Dr. Books takes off the `hopeless’ label that has accompanied dyslexia and teaches you that it is totally possible to permanently bring back the fun in learning, thereby raising the self-esteem and confidence of children of all ages! As an educator and counselor for 36 years, and a champion for the best outcome for children, reading Reversing Dyslexia and personally being involved in the program, I watched student after student improve with the Books Neural Therapy. I highly recommend this book! It tells what is possible and any parent can do it! Reversing Dyslexia
Kathy Balcer, M.Ed,
Child Whisperer Coaching and Consulting

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