Success by Symptoms

IT Whiz Reverses his Dyslexia in Ten Days!

Success by Symptoms

Dalonna Rimsky

“Paige is doing very well! Her personality is much more pleasant, she is more focused, and the ADHD is gone. She is also much more positive about wanting to read with me. Thanks a million!” Dalonna Rimsky after Freedom Fast Track week intensive for her daughter.

Success by Symptoms

Mrs. Hoisington

Asthma relieved by the NAET method used by Dr. Phyllis Books at the Books Family Health Center.

Success by Symptoms

Will B.

Success by Symptoms


Watch Cathy share her experience clearing her allergies with Dr. Phyllis Books in Austin, Texas.

Success by Symptoms

Abbey Adams

Abbey discusses her positive emotional changes seen through Books Neural Therapy dyslexia/ADHD treatment.

Success by Symptoms

JB: Chronic Pain

“You cleaned me out. My memories of the surgery were bloody, messy and painful. And you cleared it all. Before my abdomen was so tender, no one could even tough it let alone put pressure on it. You had an awareness of my internal environment, not just my organs. You dared go where other people had been afraid. You allowed the healing to happen. You cleaned me out – totally – and reconnected me to myself again.

You reconnected my legs to my torso. When I stood up after that session, my body felt different and I walked differently and connected to the ground differently.”

Success by Symptoms


“I decided to go through Neuro Boot Camp along with my fourteen year old son. His mother died when he was five, and his entry into school life was full of unfinished grief, which Dr. Books explained took priority in his brain. So he got off to a rough start in school.

By the second day, I wanted to jump and down. For the first time, I felt so good myself. And I finally “got it” that my son was going to be ok. By the end of the five days, my son was smooth, happy and he was making up for all those years I thought he lost forever. We both drove back home with smiles in our hearts. “

Success by Symptoms


“My 15 year old daughter was scheduled for TMJ surgery when we met Dr. Books. Dr. Books begged us to postpone the surgery. Now, almost 15 years later, my daughter is doing great and never did have the surgery. The funny thing is, we originally took her in for knee problems. Dr. Books explained how one could affect the other.”

Success by Symptoms

Kerry Newman

“My body hurt and I was so drunk feeling. I was running into walls, couldn’t stay awake to teach my six afternoon classes in music; couldn’t tell when the car had come to a full stop. Headaches galore! I had to do something.
My orthodontist recommended Dr. Books. Her professionalism and sincere interest immediately calmed me. In less than two weeks, my hearing has returned for 3 mornings in a row now; I’m not dizzy or drunk feeling, my energy level is back to normal, I am teaching 12 music classes a day and feeling as spunky the last class as the first.

In all, I am so relieved that without surgery, I have found help (even about possible dairy allergies related to my life time of ear infections.) I appreciate, equally as well, the orthodontist who did not let his pride override his professionalism and sincere concern for my best health – and referred me to Dr. Books.
I’ve been telling the world about her.”

Success by Symptoms

Pam Bell, Ed.D., LPC, CBT, EEG (Biofeedback, Cert. Provider ) Santa Fe, N.M.

I first heard about Dr. Books through a patient of mine who was having trouble with alcohol, among other things. Within several sessions with Dr. Books, this patient lost her desire for alcohol totally. I had been working with this patient for about a year, and many facets of her life were improving. However, this wonderful change that occurred so quickly and seemingly effortlessly stirred my curiosity.

That was eight years ago. I have referred many patients to her and vice versa.

We have developed a good and respectful team approach with many patients we have since shared. I appreciate her work immensely. She is intuitive, compassionate, and thorough in her approach to her patients.

Success by Symptoms

Dianne Blacker

“In mid-November 1997 I had a closed head (brain) injury after catching my heel on broken concrete at a Mobil Oil Station in Dallas. I fell flat with full body weight hitting on my left cheekbone. After regaining consciousness, I was helped to the office where I filled out paperwork with an ice pack on my cheek. I had no medical insurance, so an ambulance was not called and I was afraid to go to an Emergency Room and incur medical bills that I could not pay.

I also cracked a tooth and went to an environmental dentist a couple weeks after the fall. As we talked, he told me about Dr. Phyllis Books, a chiropractor who works with cranial injuries and children with ADD. He had gone to her because he had been unable to read without falling asleep. After one treatment, it had never again been a problem for him.

I called her from his office and she said, ‘Stop by on your way home and let me take a look at you.’ When she examined me, she said, ‘You have a great deal of new injury and a lot of old physical injury plus considerable emotional injury throughout your entire body.’ Two months after the accident, I gradually began to notice that I was losing some ability to form thoughts or sentences and often used the wrong words. I would sit at the computer to write sections of my latest book but the words wouldn’t come or they would come in the wrong order. Then the words began to get jumbled within the sentences.

People would call and I didn’t know what to say. I tried to “fake it” in conversation, but soon began avoiding the phone. When I got up in the morning. I couldn’t remember what to do. My greatest difficulty has continued to be with names, nouns and numbers. Soon I could no longer conduct my business and answer simple customer questions about health, hormones and nutrition. Within a few months I had lost my business and was living on what I had saved the previous two years.

It wasn’t until a few months later that I found Dr. Books’ card and I stood in the kitchen and wept, clutching the card and thanking God. I was in bad condition by then. Not only could I not think straight, but also my entire body was in severe pain. After each session of being worked on from head to toe, I felt like I’d been run over by a truck! After three or four treatments, she said I would have some dreams and to please tell her about them. In the dream that was the most vivid and insightful, I was laboring to swim down a river in about two inches of water flowing over a rocky streambed. It was exhausting as I swam and swam until I finally reached a walled in clearing, littered with garbage, trash and dead bodies. I looked around and saw something moving in the far corner. When I made my way over to it, it was “me”!

I said to “me,” “you have to get up and get out of here.” “Me” stood up and began struggling to carry several bags and suitcases. I said to “Me, “Put that down, you can’t take all of that where you are going,” So “me” put on a knapsack, picked up a satchel and together we stepped over the wall and walked away. My accumulation of emotional baggage came as the result of a 42 year emotionally and verbally abusive marriage.

I had a total of 17 treatments from May through June of 1998. In July I moved to Phoenix to take care of my mother. Whenever I came back to Dallas to visit, she gave me some follow up treatments just to make sure everything was holding.

She has been a true lifesaver for me. I cannot begin to imagine how I could have recovered full function without the treatment she provided. It has been an enormous blessing to me. I have recovered full mental function and have written four books since then, and taught a number of seminars.”

Success by Symptoms

Amy Shumway

“Almost five years ago I went over the handlebars of my mountain bike landing myself in the hospital for four days. The medical doctors did every test imaginable (x-rays, CAT scans, MRI, MRA, EEG, and an angiogram) to find out why I had stroke like symptoms on the left side of my body. Not even the neurologist could figure out why I was passing in and out of consciousness. They even wanted to do exploratory surgery to which my roommate said, “Absolutely not!” I am so thankful that she was there. So, not being able to drive, read, spell, write, or come up with basic everyday words like shoes, food, or car, they released me from the hospital and told me that nothing was really wrong with me.

I spent the next month sleeping about 18 hours a day. I started seeing a chiropractor that also did cranial work. She helped me a little. I saw another chiropractor whose specialty was upper cervical. She helped me a lot with being able to stay awake, although I still couldn’t figure out what was going on in school.
It wasn’t until I saw Dr. Books that my recovery really started. Within a couple of weeks my memory started to improve. I could come up with everyday words on a more frequent basis. The reminder notes I would write myself began to make sense. After about a month or so I could read, spell and comprehend. Reading was fun again. I still remember the excitement I had when I read my first novel after the head injury. I was ecstatic.

Whether you have a head injury or not, Dr. Books will be able to get you to function at a higher mental level.
Thanks for everything.”

Success by Symptoms

Betty Brewer

“As a mother of three dyslexics and a grandmother of five, I felt we had encountered just about as many challenges as one could endure. Each child had his own personality and degree of disability. We all felt we had pursued and survived as well as possible, until we were introduced to Dr. Phyllis Books.

Her unique philosophy, method, techniques and results were far beyond current approaches. She addressed the whole person, including eye tracking, reading, emotions, coordination and temperament, just to name a few.

Then to our devastation, early childhood sexual abuse was diagnosed for all three children. Again Dr. Books came to the rescue in releasing the trauma stored in the body, as trauma always is. “The body remembers what the mind forgets!”
She has brought betterment into our lives, to say the least. Three generations want to say, “Thank you, for being you!”

Success by Symptoms

Jim Raymond

“I felt like the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz. I feel like I have a heart and that I’m alive now. I’m not a robot anymore. And I think other people say the same things and see the changes. Dr. Books is very professional and very competent, and also she is a very nice lady.”

Success by Symptoms

Teresa’s mom

“Teresa has really started to feel better and does not complain of hurting, has a better mental attitude about herself and is improving in her school work.”

Success by Symptoms

Susan O.

“I’ve been angry. We’ve been to the best doctors all over the country. We got lots of diagnoses. But it wasn’t until we saw Dr. Books that we actually got any help.

I remember the day she asked my son a question, and he lit up with relief that someone actually saw who he really was. How do I describe what that was like for him? It was as if, in that moment, he was redeemed.

In a note sent to Dr. Books four years later:

Many things have come to pass since we last talked, most for the better. Ted is living in Evansville, Indiana and is attending Ivy Tech Jr. College. He is maintaining an A/B average in his first semester with three courses in English, Algebra, and Business.

I will forever be grateful for your kindness and the way you touched our lives.”

Success by Symptoms


“I feel like I’m finally getting the chance I deserve.”

Success by Symptoms

Bill S.

“My allergy treatments have been holding well. It has meant a whole new life for me! Thank you for all your healing.”

Success by Symptoms

Joyce McKee

“In June of 2000 I was diagnosed with food allergies. In fact, I was allergic to all foods but 5 items (onions and sardines were part of the 6 I could have). The Doctor was recommending that we eliminate most of the foods for a period of time and then re-introduce them one at a time. I am not that patient.

Dr. Books had been working with me on other health related issues. Through June and July we worked trough the various foods to have my body accept them rather than reject them.

Well, almost three years later I must relate, I have had not one bout of diarrhea!!!!! It is incredible to me…not to have to be constantly running to the bathroom. As the CEO of a large company, consistently leaving the office by mid-afternoon for diarrhea is not a good idea.”

Success by Symptoms

Donna N

“We made arrangements to find a way to pay for this. It is very worth it to have Jared off his medication. You can’t put a price on that. I feel like somebody has given my child back to me.”

Success by Symptoms

Malcolm’s mom

“Malcolm was very depressed from the Ritalin. We knew we had to do something to change how he felt about himself, but still pay attention in class. We heard about Dr. Books and knew we had to give her a try. Malcolm has changed so much; he’s back to his loving self. But we don’t have the child that jumps and yells in public, hides in all the clothes racks at the stores.

His teachers have seen and been with Malcolm with medication, with medication and now with Dr. Books’ treatments. They all prefer Malcolm now. He’s back to his loving and caring personality and he pays attention.

He also likes himself because he can play baseball and he’s one of the best players; that pretty good for someone who could never catch or hit a ball and was very scared of it.”

Success by Symptoms

Kathy Mikulic

“It’s been about four months now, and his handwriting is better than when he was on medication. His attention at the cafeteria is remarkable. He sits and eats his meals without running around.

If I have another hyper child, I will not drive forever and get Ritalin, but I will drive six hours a day to come to Dr. Books.”

Success by Symptoms

Pat Pearson

“I was referred to Dr. Books by my therapist. I was diagnosed several years ago as having right and left brain deficits, which caused learning disabilities. My greatest problem was with reading and comprehension. I read very slowly and often would have difficulty remembering what I had just read. My work involves a great deal of reading at a fast pace. I was concerned about keeping my job, so I sought help.

Initially, I noticed that I began to remember names. I also noticed that after reading a sentence, I could rewrite more of it from memory. Then, around the sixth week, I felt like a fog had lifted from my brain. I could think more clearly.

I like Dr. Books very much and I feel she is very interested in my progress. She is as excited about my progress as I am.”

Success by Symptoms

Chris’ Mom

“We always knew Chris was a bright child. His IQ is 124, but he was having trouble in school Chris has dyslexia and ADD. Before seeing Dr. Books, his grades were D’s and F’s. After only a few sessions, his grades came up to A’s and B’s.”