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Featured Success Stories

Success with Speaking

Dr. Charles Blum, D.C., CSCP Chair, S.O.T Research Conferences Past President of SOTO-USA

“I have known Dr. Phyllis Books for at least 2 decades and during that time she has shown a deeply inquisitive and integrative mind.

She has been able to see through the fog of complex conditions and patient presentations by utilizing her vast chiropractic and cranial clinical experience to develop new low risk and effective methods of care for brain trauma, developmental disabilities and conditions such as dyslexia. With multifactorial conditions we all need doctors with minds willing to dig deep and explore the myriad of causations for a patient’s dyslexia and Dr. Books manages to unravel this mystery and offer solutions.”

Success with Other Professionals

Richard Rice, D.C. (Chiropractor) Dallas, TX

Dr. Books started practicing in my office in 1986. She knew she wanted to work with children with learning differences, and made a name for herself. Even though I used to kid her about being out of the office more than in (she travels and teaches a lot), patients consistently go out of their way to track her down. She is the best at what she does. Her reputation speaks for itself.

Success with Learning and Behavior


“I decided to go through Neuro Boot Camp along with my fourteen year old son. His mother died when he was five, and his entry into school life was full of unfinished grief, which Dr. Books explained took priority in his brain. So he got off to a rough start in school.

By the second day, I wanted to jump and down. For the first time, I felt so good myself. And I finally “got it” that my son was going to be ok. By the end of the five days, my son was smooth, happy and he was making up for all those years I thought he lost forever. We both drove back home with smiles in our hearts. “

Success with Other Professionals

Karen Belknap (Principal of Rylie Academy)

We opened a charter school in 1998. More than 70 percent of our kids are behind in academics. Most of our high schoolers don’t read beyond fifth-grade level. Dr. Books was able to bring the reading scores of the children she worked with up several grade levels in a matter of days. One ADD child seemed to develop common sense;; another child with autistic tendencies became more sociable; yet another one’s handwriting improved drastically. The parents and teachers and I are extremely pleased.


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