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Success with Other Professionals

BG, Ph.D. (Psychotherapist) Dallas, TX

I have known Dr. Books for 15 years and find her to be extremely insightful, competent and caring with her patients. Because of the confidentiality of my work, several of my patients have experienced her work and have reported to me their positive changes. They don’t know I know Dr. Books; when I talk with Dr. Books, I don’t reveal who tells me all these wonderful things about her. I just smile quietly on the inside.

Success with Learning and Behavior

Joaquin’s Dad

Success with Learning and Behavior

Bethann ‘s Success with Books Neural Therapy™

Success with Learning and Behavior

Catherine Curby

“After the treatment I have found I am enjoying to sew and read. I have begun to read a novel and remember what I’ve been reading. Sewing is no longer frustrating. I don’t feel dumb any longer and I think that has improved my self-image and self-confidence.”


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