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Books Neural Therapy™ Level 1 Professional ONLINE ONLY Training

Product Category: Classes

Becoming a Books Neural Therapist

Now train online with BNT’s step-by-step proven methods.  Online videos and printable manuals boost your skills to handle your toughest cases with added live support.  See the recordings of live classes and join the growing family of BNT Practitioners.

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Dyslexia No More! ~ FREE KIT

Product Category: Free Stuff

To help you reverse dyslexia in your child and transform their life. Dr. Phyllis Books, dyslexia specialist and Doctor of Chiropractic, gives you:

free dyslexia tests & assessments – online downloadable videos – symptoms checklist

Reverse dyslexia in your child – not just cover it up. If you are a loving parent and want the very best for your child, Dr. Books shares the exact tools used to help reverse dyslexia in hundreds of children across the country.  Discover the tools and techniques that have taken her decades to learn, including things no teacher could ever address in the classroom. It all starts with the Free Dyslexia No More Kit.

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Dyslexia Detective ONLINE Screening Program

Product Category: Classes

Learn Home Screening Protocols to Help Your Child Succeed

When You’re Ready for Answers and Want to Understand How to Help Your Child–
It’s time to BECOME A DYSLEXIA DETECTIVE and uncover those underlying glitches so you can move forward with EASE!

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