Springtime at Mossy Bark Trail April Newsletter


  Springtime, new beginnings and new growth 

  are in the air here on Mossy Bark Trail.

  Chauncey,  your greeter when you arrive at Dr.  Books’ front door
just celebrated his fourth birthday. While at the Lakeline Farmers Market
one Saturday, the owners of Chauncey and his brother met.
Now the two brothers have play dates and just had a birthday party complete
with ice cream and party hats.


Two new crops:


1) Dr. Books has been a busy bee this spring.  She just harvested her first crop of

bonafide,  pure, high quality  BNT practitioners.  They are competent, eager and ready 

to spread their wings.

2) She and her new team are also discovering new ways of teaching parents

how they can gather in small groups to learn some of her techniques, and then the

parents can help each other’s children.   Both of these venues are blossoming  and

expanding the reach of BNT in new directions.

Good reads and Good Viewings:

Check out this great article:  Exercise is ADHD Medication


Forget about eating popcorn as you  watch this incredible Ted-like talk by Ted Bilyeu. 

It’s  incredibly powerful and empowering.  Watch the youtube version here:   

Changing the World is big Business: (I ‘d say it’s like the formula to change

the course of your life):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwIMfdcWTjc

Come check out the flowers:

Our out-of- town patients consider our working environment here a Retreat Center.  

Please come check out the backyard and all the new flowers in bloom; check out

the hammock and other places to just relax.

Upcoming Events:

Summer is just around the corner.  Dr. Books and team will be offering the amazing

10 day Summer Day Camp for Reversing Dyslexia for the third season. No matter

where you live, her 5 or 10 day programs lend themselves to summer schedules.

You get 2-for-1: Professional therapy for dyslexia, ADHD and other neurological

learning and behavior issues and your child gets a summer camp experience.  

Click here for details: http://www.drphyllisbooks.com/reversing-dyslexia-day-camp/

Mark your calendars for May 22 when Dr. Books will be speaking at Peoples Pharmacy

Lakeline (Hwy 183 & RR 62) on “Natural Approaches to Dyslexia and ADHD)

Note:  Considering a documentary!

Dr. Books has been told, “You can’t stay small. One out of five people worldwide

has dyslexia…and those people need to know there is hope and a new future available

to them.”   Do you know anyone with filming, editing, scriptwriting, funding experience? 

 We will need lots of help to get the message out.  Please call us at 512 331-0668 or

email us at: drbooks@drphyllisbooks.com  if you have ideas to help this dream come true.

May your summer be delightful and rejuvenating. May the sun shine brightly in your heart

(without giving your body a sunburn) and may you see goodness all around you

each and every day.

To your health,

Dr. Phyllis Books

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