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National Touch For Health Convention, Greenville, S. Carolina, 2011, Cracking the Dyslexia Code

Channel KEYE television, Austin, Texas: Cranial Sacral Therapy, 2005; Alternative Medicine, 2006,  Non Drug Therapy for Kids,

Channel 8, Fox News, Austin, Texas: Allergy Elimination, 2007

Peoples Pharmacy Radio Show, Austin, Tx , Economic Stress and how it Affects your Health, 2008; frequent speaker and co-host – ongoing

Channel KOOP Radio, Austin, Texas, The Austin Visioning Collaborative; Falling in Love with your  Life ; the Meaning of Personal Freedom, 2005

Channel KIXL Radio, Austin, Texas, Non-Drug Therapies for children with ADD, 2005

The Crossings, Austin, Texas, Non-Drug Alternatives for ADD/ADHD, 2005

Association on Women in Communication, Austin, Texas: Breaking the Tower of  Babel Syndrome,


IAACN National Conference, New Orleans: Treating Clinical Depression in Children, 2004

Whole Foods, 2005: ADD the Natural Approach

The Crossings, Austin, Texas:  Cleansing from the Inside Out,, 2005 and 2006

Whole Foods, Austin, Texas: Cranial Sacral Therapy , 2005

SOTO-USA Pediatric Conference, Phoenix,  Upgrade your Brain, 2002

California Lutheran University, Los Angeles, : Neurophysiology of Learning, 2001

Parker Seminars, Las Vegas, Dallas, etc. 1999- Brain, Body and Behavior

Neuroscience Conference, Italy, 1998: Conscious and Unconscious Aspects of Human Emotion   Evoked Through Touch

IASK, Melbourne, Australia: Freeing the Prisoner Within, 1994

IASK, Tucson, AZ: Atlas: The Roadmap of Your Internal Geography

Mering, Germany: Handicaps: Visible and Invisible, 1996

Channel 39, KVTV television, Dallas: Breakthroughs with Learning Disabilities, 1987

Parker College: Pediatrics, Learning Disabilities, S.O.T., Practice Building, 1987-

Chiropractic Center of Irving: Optimum Health, Spinal Care, Nutrition, How to Sugar Proof Your House, How to Detect Learning Differences

Richland College, Financial Planning for Women, 1980

North Lake College, Women in Chiropractic, 1987

Brookhollow Country Club: Estate Planning for the 80’s, 1980

Connecticut General: Business Valuations: Choosing the Correct Charitable Trust, 1978

Renaissance Education Association: Preventative Health, 1987

Irving Women’s Network: Your Body is a Mirror, 1987

Women in Computing: Hidden Learning Disabilities, 1988

Unity Church of Dallas: Secrets of Healthy Living, 1988

Celebration of Life Church: The Body Electric, 1989

Arlington School System In-service training: Nutrition and Learning Disabilities, 1989

Creative Learning Institute: Straight Talk on Learning Differences, 1989

National Association of Women Executives: How Your Health Is Affected
By Your Workplace,

Parker College: Surviving Assault, 1989

Family 2000 Conference (San Francisco): Enhancing Your Child’s Learning Styles, 1992

Co-host:  KCEO Radio, Wake up America series, 1993

Quantum Healing Center: How to Stay Healthy, Healing vs. Curing, 1993

SORSI National Convention: Pediatric Learning Disabilities, 1989


Cleaning from the Inside Out, The Crossings, Austin, Tx  2006-2008

Books Neural Therapy, USA, 2002-present

Applied Structural and Social Integration Society International (ASSISI™) Europe, USA, 1994 –

Stages of Healing, Amsterdam, 1994

Awareness and Intention in Healing Training, Munich, Germany, 1996

Atlas Inside Out, Melbourne, Australia, 1994

Healing the Healers, Dallas, 1987

Fundamental Management Shifts, AT&T, N. Jersey, 1982

Lead Instructor: SORSI, Omaha, 1989-92

Table Instructor: SORSI, Omaha, 1987-8

Table Instructor: Medicine in the 21st Century, Kyoto, Japan, 1989

Healing the Healers, Leyden, Netherlands, 1994

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For Immediate Contact:Main number: 512-331-0668512-560-7888512-736-1905512-731-8948