Should September Really be the Beginning of the Year?

As summer draws nigh and people reassemble themselves for the coming months, I often wonder about the new year. The calendar reflects end summer 6January as the beginning of the new year. But it seems to me that September, signaling summer’s end and the change to cooler weather, is when people hunker down anew – so maybe September should be the first month of the new year.
Are you getting your new schedules in place? Are you allowing transition time for members to adjust to the fall demands? Planning ahead just a little can make the transitions smoother on everyone. Sitting down at the dinner table and reviewing the things you are grateful the summer has brought is a sweet way to remind everyone that change is coming. You could also review why you’re grateful summer is over.
What does the end of summer mean to you? I’d love to hear your comments on summer and the “beginning of the next umpteen months.” I’ll award a prize to the most interesting answers!
Dr. B

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