Reverse Dyslexia and Lose the Fear and Anxiety that Ruins Lives


Animals and humans are not as different as we think. We all have a primitive brain, also known as the reptilian brain. We humans still have instincts that other animals share, and we’ve had them for thousands of years. Animals that are different from the rest display fear and unease, which are considered weaknesses.

Among humans, any type of difference may be considered a fault. Learning differences are no different, especially in the case of reading problems. Until we reverse dyslexia, it can cause tremendous fright and worry to those who have it.

When one animal is afraid or anxious, others can sense it. Fear is a sign that the animal is weak, and sometimes the animal is cast out of the group (or even killed) because of it. Although humans are more advanced than animals in many ways, we tend to shun those who are frightened or weak as well.

In this technological world we live in, difficulty with reading is a flaw, and those who experience it are treated differently. Many Americans believe that dyslexia is a form of mental retardation. They don’t know any better, or they choose not to educate themselves about dyslexia.

But we know that judgment is far from true. Those with dyslexia have other talents. They are often intuitive and wiser than their years emotionally. They suffer much judgment at the hands of others who are ignorant of their gifts. When they are looked down upon, they become anxious and fearful, which simply feeds the monster of judgment and ridicule.Dyslexia Treatment: Is Reversing Dyslexia Truly Possible?

When one is made fun of so often, the reptilian brain doesn’t feel safe, and the child or adult reacts by fleeing, freezing, or fighting. Fear can cause withdrawal, or it may cause aggression. Children and adults with dyslexia may act out, or they may hide and refuse to participate in life.

When your child is anxious, so are you. And that anxiety can lower the immune system and allow you or your child to catch every cold that comes along. It may also play a role in insomnia and ulcers. For many, anxiety and fear may cause agitation. A little agitation is a good thing because it keeps us on our toes and moving forward. However, too much worry and anxiety keeps one stuck in the same place without any ability to pull herself or himself out and move forward with life.

Long-term fear and anxiety can cause lifelong problems with depression, motivation, and bonding. It can prevent us from continuing an education, forming loving relationships, and finding jobs we enjoy that will support us.

In short, the worry and fright that dyslexia can cause may affect a person’s life negatively for years or until the dyslexia is reversed.

Let’s break that cycle, shall we?

When we work together to reverse dyslexia, we can help you or your child lose the fear, overcome the anxiety and worry, and live life to the fullest. Reversing dyslexia changes lives.

If you’re an adult reading this and you have dyslexia, it’s never too late. Dyslexia help for kids, as well as dyslexia help for adults, is just a phone call away. Let us help you or your child to find joy in your life.


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