One Woman’s Journey to the Truth about Reversing Dyslexia


I’m often asked how I came to be at this place at this time, helping children and adults reverse dyslexia naturally. To answer that, I have to travel back in time over 30 years ago.

It was 1981, and I had spent the last four years as a financial consultant, working my way up to become the top salesperson in our branch. At the height of my success, there was no practical reason to change things, but I felt this deep inner calling to completely change gears and become a doctor of chiropractic. I couldn’t explain it, especially since it wasn’t as if I were moving into a glamorous career.

All I knew was that I had to do it.

Although I didn’t realize it at the time, I was called to help those labeled by society as “dyslexic” or “learning disabled.” Children and adults whose potential and unique contributions to the world were hidden because they were trapped in a body and brain that were working against them. I feel honored and blessed to be doing this work, and doubly fortunate to be able to teach others about it as well.

Even when I was in sales, I thought of myself as an educator. I’ve always been eager to learn more about topics that have fascinated me, such as neuroscience and consciousness, anthropology and cultures, the tension between science and religion, and the increasing levels of toxicity in our foods and what it does to our physical and emotional well-being.

After going back to school to earn my doctorate in chiropractic, I spent hundreds of hours taking classes that earned me two board certifications in nutrition, and then I spent hundreds more hours studying the role that emotions play in health. Little did I know that all this information would help me discover breakthroughs that could benefit your child’s learning and behavior.

Throughout my 25 years as a chiropractor and nutritionist, I’ve worked with thousands of children and taught my methods to health-care providers around the world. I’ve seen dyslexic children excel in mainstream classes and achieve college degrees and fulfilling careers.

But my work isn’t restricted only to young people. My clients can be “children” of any age. Books Neural Therapy™ can be applied to any age to reach new levels in sports, performance, and creative endeavors.

Nowadays, with our disenchantment with traditional medical approaches, more people are turning to alternative and complementary care, with good reason. In my own field, working with children who have learning and behavioral problems, increasing numbers of us—admittedly a minority and not the folks who tend to get most of the press—know that children exhibiting the symptoms of  dyslexia  do not have to suffer this label for the rest of their lives.

Speaking to you from my heart as a woman, a mother, and a grandmother, I invite you to join this journey. I ask that you keep an open mind and listen to what your deepest self is telling you. If the Books Neural Therapy ™ program resonates with you, I ask that you trust yourself and your instincts more than those who tell you that all you can hope for is to treat the effects of dyslexia with drugs or other therapies.

Together, we can address and reverse the cause of dyslexia.



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