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What Michelangelo’s Statue of David and you have in common.

Dr. Phyllis Books, Dyslexia Treatments, ADHD Treatments, Dyslexia Symptoms, Chiropractor, AustinNearly every day, patients who are stuck — in unfulfilling jobs, bad relationships and school – come to me at wit’s end, frustrated because no matter how many ways they’ve tried, nothing seems to change.

That’s where Neural Freedom comes in. Neural Freedom is about freeing the human spirit and unleashing the greatness that lies dormant and waiting deep inside you.   It’s about discovering the reasons behind the roadblocks to your success; and it’s about carving away the parts of you that no longer serve.  All it takes is patience, a practiced eye, a keen ear and a bit of imagination.

There’s a story about how Michelangelo set about creating his masterpiece, the Statue of David. First he stared at the marble until he saw clearly David’s form trapped within. Then, he proceeded to chip away at anything that was not David. When the marble dust settled and cleared, what remained was Michelangelo’s David. It takes my breath away, and renders me speechless, every time I see it.

That imagery fuels my work; it’s what drives the discovery of your true essence, hiding beneath layers of injury, grief, trauma and whatever else is trapped within. Neural Freedom is the practice of chipping away at the layers, until all that remains is your truest self so that even you see yourself in a completely new light.  And you bring forth a fuller you,  completely renewed and reinvigorated.

You are that masterpiece, waiting to take your rightful place in the world.

And when you do, it will take your breath away, and render you speechless.

Imagine living your greatness every single day, with absolutely nothing holding you back as you strive toward your fullest potential.

Now ask yourself: What is vibrant health, a sense of well-being, laughter and gratitude, reverberating in every single cell of your body, worth? My patients will tell you it’s priceless.

Then, talk to me, the reasonable optimist. Jaw-dropping changes don’t belong only to others; they belong to you too.

Read about the Neural Freedom Programs by Clicking Here and if you can’t find one to fit your unique needs, I will create one especially for you.

Because you, like the block of marble that eventually became the Statue of David, are a masterpiece waiting to happen.dr-b-signature



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