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Motivation and Changing Your Beliefs Are Not Enough.

Are you harnessing the latest Neuroscience to achieve better results with less effort?

Supercharge your productivity, your passion

and your playing power.

peak performance, Dyslexia Treatments, ADHD Treatments, Dyslexia Symptoms, Chiropractor, AustinAs Dan Siegel, MD, says, “Neural integration is the key to health and well-being.” See our brain-based programs for keeping your edge in the corporate world, overcoming parenting challenges,  improving S.A.T. scores for college bound students, anti-aging, and peaking physical performance and endurance for athletes.

“Watching my son catch on fire in Basketball was jaw-dropping–not just for us as  parents– but for everyone in the stands!” Kelly Aguirre

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Experience Brain Enrichment through Neural Body/Brain Integration.

Want to find out where the booby traps are in your current brain/body connections?

Ready to get out of the pain that limits you?

Do you know your environmental/ chemical weaknesses?

Are your neurotransmitters in balance?

Want to test if your supplements are working?

Benefits of  Neural Freedom Programs:

  • Identify & Transform Weakness Known and Unknown
  • Create Peace in the Body
  • Liberate Inner Capacities
  • Embody Vitality and Anti-aging
  • Enhance memory
  • Clear Mental Processing for Test Mastery
  • Accelerate Sports Mastery
  • Laser Foucs Your Thinking
  • Mature Emotionally with a Sound Spirit


Programs offered:

Start Up Your Whole Brain

Breakthrough the Competitive Edge

  • Improve & Accelerate Athletic Prowess and Academic Potential

Peak Parenting

  • Keeping you Pain Free and Evolving with Grace
  • From pregnancy, to birth recovery, to educating kids, to empty nest

Joyful Living with Vitality

  • Recover your strength of body, mind, emotions and spirit to create the legacy you dare to dream


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“Pain had been limiting my ability to enjoy parenting, working and expressing myself.  I thought I had to just live with an injured, unstable pelvis after the birth of  my 10.5 pound fourth child.  After nine years of compensating, the Peak Parenting program not only gave me my abilities back but also crafted a structural, functional foundation I am living and growing my dreams on and reaching new professional heights along the way.”  R. A.

“Better results with less effort seemed impossible.  It didn’t take long for the Program to show me where I was neurologically weak and my transformation is incredible.” M. W.

Sound centered, Dyslexia Treatments, ADHD Treatments, Dyslexia Symptoms, Chiropractor, Austin