Music For The Soundtrack Of Life


Here Are Our Picks (click on the names to listen)

I love this list as it is as varied as our emotions and all our life’s experiences. Please, share your life’s music in the comments below!



Music to work to:

Jerry Garcia & David Grisman “The Thrill Is Gone”

Music to rock out to:

The Foofighters “Everlong”

Music to get down to:

Chaka Khan “Tell Me Something Good”

Music to study to:

Norah Jones “Sunrise”

Music to remind you from whence you came:

Deuter “Indian Girl”

Music to analyze:

J.S Bach “The Goldberg Variations”

Music for getting out of a rut:

Joan Armatrading “Everyday Boy”

Music that give you chills:

Willie Nelson “Breathe” (originally by Pearl Jam)

Music to cuddle to:

Chet Baker “My Funny Valentine” 

Music to cry to:

The theme from “The Mission”

Music that is just too much:

Albinoni Adagio in G 

Music to contemplate the meaning of life to:

John Lennon “Imagine”

Favorite Road Trip Song:

Dan Mangan “Road Regrets”

Music that could stop the world:

Nahko Bear (Medicine for the People) ღ Aloha Ke Akua

Music that can stop wars:

Bob Marley “One Love”





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