Wanted: 12 Dyslexic children between the ages of 8-18

Wanted: 12 Dyslexic children between the ages of 8-18

Have Fun!

Meet Chauncy, the Books Neural Therapy Dog

”My fourteen year old son and I went through Neuro Bootcamp the same week. By the second day, I wanted to jump up and down. I felt so good myself. And I finally “got it” that my son was going to be ok. By the end of our five days, my son was laughing… a sound that I thought had just dried up inside him. What a great experience!” “Lilly is like a different child after the BNT Plus Program and we are like a different family. I continue to be amazed. What a miracle.”

Dr. Phyllis Books

10-Day Reversing Dyslexia Summer Camps

Turn your dyslexia around and see how fun and easy learning can be with Dr. Phyllis Books DC

250early bird           early bird 500 4-30
• the temper tantrums dissolve
• the tension among siblings melt
• tension between adults in the family disappear
• reading gets easier and fun!
• laughter bubble up without any reason..just the joy of a body and brain that works

If you have a family member suffering from dyslexia we have a solution for you!
We have set aside the whole summer just to help kids in a fun and friendly environment.

What will my child do each day?

-Books Neural Therapy (BNT) 2 sessions per day (30 min. each)
-Allergy treatment (NAET) (done during a BNT session)
-Brainercises (fun exercises to speed up progress with body/brain integration)
-Healthy snacks (recipes available)
-Free time: “Go Noodle,” play in the backyard, swing in the hammock, play with Chauncey the therapy
dog or just hang out (30 min.).

This sounds great! How do I sign up?

Call us at 512-331-0668 or email us at booksfhc@gmail.com and we can help you get started.

Session 1: June 15- June 27 9AM – Noon
Session 2: June 15- June 27 1PM – 4PM
Session 3: June 29- July 10 9AM – Noon
Session 4: June 29- July 10 1PM – 4PM
*Session 5: July 13- July 17 9AM-4PM (*Special one week intensive only for out of town clients)
Session 6: July 20- July 31 9AM – Noon
Session 7: July 20- July 31 1PM – 4PM
Session 8: Aug. 3- ug. 14 9AM – Noon
Session 9: Aug. 3- Aug. 14 1PM – 4PM

Space is limited to 2 children per session so call now (512-331-0668) to reserve your first choice!

With busy summer schedules this is by far the easiest way to schedule Books Neural Therapy™ amidst other summer activities and still accomplish our goal: to have happy, well-balanced kids, ready and able to learn faster with less effort and more fun

To reserve your spot you will need to complete the following steps:

1) Fill out the paperwork (link here)
2) Schedule your first two appointments (512-331-0668)
$500 off if you complete the above steps by April 30
$250 off if you complete the above steps by May 10

           early bird 500 4-30         250early bird

For more information about Dr. Books, her methods, her book and testimonials visit our website atIMG_0302 www.booksneuraltherapy.com

Reversing Dyslexia Day Camp…where brains and bodies get smarter
•    Allergy testing and treatment included
•    Books Neural Therapy (BNT)- to connect the body and brain for total learning
•    Brainercises – learn how to move your body to make your brain work faster
•    Biofeedback –a relaxing way to tune up your brain
•    Healthy snacks and recipes
•    Free time to play with Chauncey, our therapy dog,  do Go Noodle, or just hang out in the hammock
•    3 hrs/day (9-12 or 1-4)   M-F for two consecutive weeks.


Call 512 331 -0668 to schedule your initial consultation.

BNT PLUS 10 Days Summer Camp


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