Let’s Find the Masterpiece that is You with Books Neural Therapy™


Several times a week, I hear from adults who feel trapped in jobs they hate, relationships that don’t serve them, and in other situations they feel they can’t escape. They feel like nothing will ever change and they come to me, in desperation and frustration, for help with their dyslexia or ADHD. They know they need to start somewhere to change their lives.

Am I describing you here?

Books Neural Therapy™ (BNT) is a natural treatment for ADHD and dyslexia that helps them to find their greatness. They learn about themselves and their unique gifts. They discover how they fit into this world and how they can contribute their talents and skills. And most importantly, they understand that they matter. They are the only person like them in the world, and we need them. We are all human masterpieces who simply need the freedom and the permission to be ourselves, without fear.124

If you read much of what I write, you’ll certainly see one of my favorite stories, about how Michelangelo created the Statue of David. Michelangelo first visualized David in the marble, and then he chipped away everything that was not David. Think about that—Michelangelo saw David so clearly before he began working that he could precisely sculpt his masterpiece. David astounds me whenever I see him.

And together, we will find the masterpiece that is you.

The ADHD and the dyslexia cover you up. They block you from experiencing all that you can do and becoming everything you can be. These learning differences allow the real you to become trapped beneath trauma, grief, frustration, and the judgment of others.

Because BNT is a natural treatment for dyslexia and ADHD, we use no drugs or invasive procedures. We remove the blocks that keep your true self hidden from the world. We remove the layers of marble and free your heart, mind, and soul. You will be the best you possible, so you can fulfill your destiny and give the world the best gift it could receive: the true YOU.

When you work with me, we’ll find your voice, your greatness. You’ll find your special place in this world. You’ll finally know what you were born to do, and you’ll live to your full potential every day. You will find that nothing can stop you from doing what you were put on this earth to do.

You will laugh.
You will love.
You will work hard and play hard.
You will enjoy.
You will revel in yourself.
And you will live the life you always wanted but never dreamed you could have.

Because you, like Michelangelo’s blank slab of marble, are a masterpiece waiting to be found.

If you’re ready to start your journey to greatness, contact me today, or learn more about BNT here.


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