Is There Ease In Your Summer?


Summertime and the living is easy…so the song says.

I hope you’re having an “easy” summer with lots of relaxation, stretching and time in nature.
For me, summer has been blissful. Lots of time with my grandchildren at the local “Camp Nee Nee”, white water rafting in Colorado with my son and I just returned from a Brain Gym conference on my secondIs There Ease in Your Summer? trip to Colorado in July. So lots of nature, lots of laughter, play, walking in the wet green grass and going to Brain Gym classes at Colorado State University.

What are you consciously planning in your life to put the “ease” in your nervous system this summer?
Our Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) has a Sympathetic (go-go-go) system and a Parasympathetic (relax-restore-replenish) system.  We need both the sympathetic and parasympathetic; but many of us get stuck in “sympathetic dominant” which means we get stuck “doing” a pattern and we can’t seem to get off the treadmill to move over to the Parasympathetic State which allows us to recover and to remember what we felt like before we got so stuck.

Much of our illness and discontent comes from these two parts of our Autonomic Nervous System (Sympathetic and Parasympathetic) being out of balance.   Over and over in my office, one of my first jobs is to help the body’s Parasympathetic Nervous System to turn on.  When we are in this state, our bodies can remember how they operated before the imbalance occurred.
Our lifestyle can make or break this balancing act.  Mother Nature is a great teacher – though she speaks not in words.  In nature, “nothing beautiful ever hurries.”  Take that sentence in please.  Faster is not better.  Not resting enough is not better.  Not eating enough or eating too much is not better.  Not slowing down before eating to allow the digestive juices to begin to flow is not better.  Not taking time to smell the flowers is not better.

Taking time to smell the fresh morning  air, to feel the grass under your feet, to enjoy the sensation of water on your skin during bathing, to smile at someone you don’t know, to look into the eyes of a child…these things help us remember to notice the beauty all around us.   I believe noticing beauty must have an anti-aging effect on us too.
So your assignment from me this summer is:

l) breathe slowly, magnificently and feel inspired

2) slow down and enjoy your food. (you’ll probably eat less too)

3) stretch every muscle in your body every day. It doesn’t matter how or what you do.  It only matters that you do it.

4) Rest often and well…you’ll make better decisions if your brain is rested and integrated.

5) Smile…a lot!  Notice the beauty in the smallest of things all around you.

Life is precious…and you are precious to me.  Take good care of yourself this summer and all the time.


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