How Does Books Neural Therapy™ Support Students with Dyslexia?


Reversing dyslexia is possible, and you don’t need drugs or invasive procedures. Books Neural Therapy™ supports students with dyslexia by helping the nervous system communicate more effectively through gentle realignments of the body.bnthover

Dyslexia is not the only learning difference or health problem that BNT helps. We have also helped students successfully reverse the effects of:

• Head traumas, including sports concussions and sports head injuries
• Neurosensory processing issues
• Allergies
• Eye tracking problems
• Difficulty with balance

“It is very worth it to have Jared off his medication. You can’t put a price on that. I feel like somebody has given my child back to me.” ~DM

What is it?
Books Neural Therapy™ is different from other natural interventions because it begins with the foundation of learning—body and brain development. We grow and develop in distinct stages. For optimal learning and functioning, each stage must be completed in order. BNT follows those natural stages, and it can even help the body and brain to correct improper development, “upgrading” the entire body.

Almost all other interventions have a goal of compensation—helping your child live with the learning difference, the allergy, the eye tracking problems. They don’t solve the problem, while BNT is geared toward correcting the issue permanently.

We rehabilitate, not compensate.

How does it work?
The program is a carefully sequenced six-step process to reverse neurological and learning difficulties. Following is a concise explanation of each step.

1. A thorough examination determines the range and severity of your child’s learning difficulty.

2. Dr. Books gently repositions the body first so the body and head are in alignment and in their correct upright position. Posture and walking improve, and the two hemispheres of the brain begin communicating more effectively and efficiently.

3. The bones of the head are also realigned. Commonly, especially after sports injuries or accidents, these bones are positioned incorrectly, which causes a disjointed central nervous system. Your body and brain cannot continue developing or communicate effectively until those bones are in their proper places.

4. The jaw joint is often out of alignment because of a muscle imbalance. This causes pressure on the nervous system and creates perception problems. Dr. Books gently repositions the jaw joint and lessens the pressure on the muscles.

5. Eye tracking, also known as eye coordination, is key to reading and writing. It also affects orientation and balance. Dr. Books will evaluate the tracking of each eye and correct it. This often opens the floodgates of improved academic performance.

6. Everyone is different, and Dr. Books will implement individualized corrections for subjects your child is having issues with. These strategies may include exercise to do at home, learning new habits, or developing more effective learning strategies.

Your child will typically see Dr. Books for approximately 20 sessions over two or three months to begin, and then once a month after if necessary. You may have the option of doing a five-day version of Books Neural Therapy™, known as Freedom Fast Track.

While the initial treatment takes a few months, the results last. Eighty percent of clients report almost complete improvement after three months, and five years later, their upgrades are still holding.

“Watching Phyllis treat my son with such tender loving care, I feel a hope for him that I haven’t allowed in years. Her commitment and expertise are a gift.” ~MM

How do I know my child is a candidate for BNT?
Not only is your child a candidate, but anyone in your life may be. You may be. We work with adults quite often and see dramatic improvements.

If you or someone you love has trouble with basic academic skills, a poor sense of direction, difficulty concentrating or comprehending, poor motor skills, an inability to follow directions, or trouble with eye-hand coordination, contact us for more information.

“He’s changed so much since seeing Dr. Books. We don’t have the child that jumps and yells in public and hides in all the clothing racks at the stores. Without medication and with Dr. Books’ treatment, he’s back to his loving and caring personality. He also feels better about himself. He has more confidence.” ~KM

If you have questions about how Books Neural Therapy™ supports students with dyslexia, please call me directly at 512-331-0668.


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