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Taken from Chapter 10, House of Miracles by Bernice Dotz.

Do you or someone you love need help with stuttering or have trouble pronouncing words?House of Miracles

Do you or your loved one avoid talking so no one hears your difficulty with words?

Does stuttering embarrass you or your child enough that you avoid social situations?

Those humiliating days are over. We can help you just as we did Blair. Here is his story.

Blair was eight years old, going on nine, when I told his mother about Dr. Phyllis Books’ work. I had known them for years, and her two boys and one girl were well-behaved, pleasant, quiet children, always dressed neatly.

Blair was a sweet boy, but he avoided talking because of his stutter and difficulty getting the words out. He couldn’t pronounce some of the letters. It wasn’t because he didn’t try or that no one had tried to help him. His tongue just couldn’t move correctly to get the words out.

We arranged for Blair to get stuttering help from Dr. Books once or twice a month, using her hallmark Books Neural Therapy™. She worked just a little on his posture because his body balance was already good. Dr. Books focused most of her help with stuttering on the body part that he had the most difficulty with: his tongue.

She actually took hold of his tongue and moved it around in his mouth. Using a very gentle pressure, she worked on his jaws to make room in his mouth for his tongue to move freely and to rest properly behind the teeth. Therefore, with only a few gentle treatments she was able to adjust his face, head, and jaws.

After only six half-hour treatments over seven months—a total of 180 minutes—NO MORE STUTTERING! Blair pronounced the words clearly! He no longer hung his head in shame. It seemed like a miracle.

Four years later, I spoke with Blair and another young teenager. He joined in the conversation freely and spoke clearly. Instead of going off to the playground to play alone, he now joins in activities. The amazing thing was that he didn’t remember he used to stutter. He is doing so well that the problems of the past have been forgotten. Now he is thinking about what he wants to be when he finishes school.

Did you ever stop to think what a wonderful gift the ability to forget is? How terrible life would be if we remembered all the aches, pains, and humiliation we suffered as children.

In talking with Blair’s mother, I learned that he no longer was in speech therapy classes. He speaks clearly and without embarrassment. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Books Neural Therapy™ could give every child all the help with stuttering he or she needs?

We can certainly help your child’s stuttering.
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