Heart Maps


Here is an interesting video on The Power of Heart

Magnetic or electric, it’s all about finding that road to cohesion!

by Naomi Emmerson

Heart Map example
Educators use “Heart Maps” in their classrooms worldwide. It has proven to get students of all ages to identify, connect and refer back to what is important to them in life.

The theory is that creativity can flow more freely, especially in writing, when individuals are tapped into events, people or things that are emotionally meaningful.

Try one with your kids or on your own to focus back on what stirs appreciation, love and admiration in you and your heart will be electromagnetically recharged to shine out into the world around you. Here are the simple guidelines outlined by scholastic.com

Use the questions below to help you organize your thoughts: (you can use pictures or words or a combination of all three!)

  • What has really affected your heart?
  • What people have been important to you?
  • What are some experiences or central events you’ll never forget?
  • What happy or sad memories do you have?
  • What secrets have you kept in your heart? (Don’t share the secret, but find a metaphor for it.)
  • What small things or objects are important to you? A tree in the backyard, a stuffed animal, etc.?



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