Gifted and Dyslexic?


As we’ve been saying all along, dyslexia is not a disease or handicap. Quite the opposite—it’s simply a different way of processing and learning to read. In fact, many dyslexics show phenomenal talents in other areas that have nothing to do with school or reading.

I remember one sixth-grade boy who was both dyslexic and ADHD. To keep him from disrupting the classroom, the school janitor built a cage for him. Instead of allowing the cage to bother him, he managed to convince the other kids that the teacher couldn’t see what he was doing, which prompted the kids to ask their parents if they could have cages too. This child grew to become a man who now heads a very successful ad agency.

Another boy showed amazing artistic skill at the age of five. However, two years later, he stopped creating his art because he didn’t feel good about himself anymore. He was reading below grade level, which made school extra hard. After his dyslexia was properly addressed, his reading skyrocketed to grade level, and he picked up his crayons.

I have worked with many, many dyslexic children with dyslexia who had impressive talents. I’ve known children who had a flair for design and went on to become graphic artists and fashion designers. Other clients had drive and vision along with the dyslexia, which led them to become successful owners of their own companies.

You would be surprised at the number of famous, talented people with dyslexia. Here’s a partial list of actors, doctors, leaders, and athletes who have dyslexia and have made tremendous contributions to the arts, sciences, and humanity. (This list is widely available online; not sure who the original author is.)

Ansel Adams
Muhammad Ali
Ludwig van Beethoven
Orlando Bloom
Richard Branson
Erin Brockovich
George Burns
Jim Carrey
Lewis Carroll
Enrico Caruso
Agatha Christie
Winston Churchill
George Clooney Anderson Cooper
Tom Cruise
Leonardo da Vinci
Patrick Dempsey
Walt Disney
Thomas Edison
Albert Einstein
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Harrison Ford
Henry Ford
Bill Gates
Danny Glover
Whoopi Goldberg
Woody Harrelson
Tommy Hilfiger
Dustin Hoffman
Bruce Jenner
Magic Johnson
John F. Kennedy
Keira Knightley
John Lennon
Jay Leno
Charles Lindbergh
Jack Nicholson
George Patton
Pablo Picasso
Nelson Rockefeller
Nolan Ryan
Charles Schwab
Will Smith
Steven Spielberg
Gwen Stefani
Quentin Tarantino
Ted Turner
Vince Vaughn
Andy Warhol
Robin Williams
Henry Winkler

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