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Dyslexia No More! ~ FREE KIT

To help you reverse dyslexia in your child and transform their life. Dr. Phyllis Books, dyslexia specialist and Doctor of Chiropractic, gives you:

free dyslexia tests & assessments – online downloadable videos – symptoms checklist

Reverse dyslexia in your child – not just cover it up. If you are a loving parent and want the very best for your child, Dr. Books shares the exact tools used to help reverse dyslexia in hundreds of children across the country.  Discover the tools and techniques that have taken her decades to learn, including things no teacher could ever address in the classroom. It all starts with the Free Dyslexia No More Kit.

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Solving Your Toughest Cases Free Video Series by Dr. Phyllis Books

Are You Lying Awake at Night Wondering What to Do to Solve Your Toughest Cases When ALL Your Training Doesn’t Seem to Be Enough?

Join Dr. Phyllis Books in this amazing Free Webinar and learn how to rewire your client’s brain and get results like never before.

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Newsletter Archive “From Discovery to Recovery”

Read all the news about dyslexia treatments, healthy diets and nutrition, learning and behavior issues, undiagnosed symptoms, general health tips and resources from Dr. Phyllis Books.


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Becoming a Dyslexia Detective FREE Program

“Becoming a Dyslexia Detective” for parents and professionals!
A FREE Program to Uncover HIDDEN Brain Glitches
If you’re looking for clues to understand your child’s learning channels in their Brain–Body connections, sign up now to discover the protocols you’ll need to help you visually scan your child at home.

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Past Publication: ADD/ADHD Behaviors and the Nutritional Connection

Of the children now diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, many of the emotional manifestations such as sullenness, uncontrollable crying, temper tantrums, anxiety attacks, depression, lack of concentration, restlessness and aggressiveness can be improved or even reversed with targeted protocols designed for nutritional support. Read this article written by Dr. Phyllis Books to find out what you can do for your child.

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The Cerebrospinal Fluid & the Fluid Nature of Consciousness – Recommended Video

The Cerebrospinal Fluid & the Fluid Nature of Consciousness by Mauro Zappaterra, Director of Regenerative Medicine and Clinical Research

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