February 2014 – Miles and Miles and Miles of Heart: Low Sugar Fudge.

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February 2014
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You Gotta Have Heart
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Heart Maps: Road to Cohesion

Books Cooks: Low Sugar Fudge

Sugar Tracker: chocolate

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Sugar Tracker
Sugar Tracker
Our chocolate favs: “Sunspire” chocolate chips 2 g sugar per TBL, “Enjoy Life” dark chips”(dairy free, soy free) 7g sugar per TBL, Ghirardelli Chocolate chunks (lower in sugar than chips)  5 g per TBL
Special Note: This month we bid adieu and bon voyage to Naomi Emmerson~ our Newsletter editor and blog/social media monitor. We wish her well as she heads towards new adventures and challenges in life. Thank you, Naomi for your touch of excellence in everything you do!
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You Gotta Have Heart

heart Letters“…All you really need is heart.”   There’s truth in that song, even when it comes to learning. Valentine’s day is all about hearts and expressing our love and emotions. Did you know your heart and your emotions are very involved in learning too? “You gotta have heart” and “you got have an emotional attachment to learning something in order for learning to land up in long term memory.” So many times, kids (of any age) have lost their zest for learning. That’s a bad sign. When they’re bored or think they can’t learn, not much learning happens. In your own life too, when you’re tired or overwhelmed, it’s hard to take in new information. How to open your heart and how to be excited about learning? There are quick and easy solutions. Think about something you are grateful for – it can be as simple as being grateful you have hair on your head or that you can ponder a blade of grass. The heart expands and opens up to even the smallest bit of appreciation. And when you’re appreciating anything at all, the judgment and the “I can’t” or “I don’t have” mindset just drops away. Learning happens when we are in a content or calm state.  Slowing down your breath or concentrating on your breath is another great way of making room for new learning. Try it on yourself and try it on your kids. Smiles and “I can” attitudes are likely to spread across the room.  So, let your heart soar!

Dr. B

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Heart Maps

Magnetic or electric– it’s all about finding that road to cohesion!

by Naomi Emmerson


Heart MapEducators use “Heart Maps” in their classrooms worldwide. It has proven to get students of all ages to identify, connect and refer back to what is important to them in life. The theory is that creativity can flow more freely, especially in writing, when individuals are tapped into events, people or things that are emotionally meaningful. Try one with your kids or on your own to focus back on what stirs appreciation, love and admiration in you and your heart will be electromagnetically recharged to shine out into the world around you. Here are the simple guidelines outlined by scholastic.com


Use the questions below to help you organize your thoughts: (you can use pictures or words or a combination of all three!)

  • What has really affected your heart?
  • What people have been important to you?
  • What are some experiences or central events you’ll never forget?
  • What happy or sad memories do you have?
  • What secrets have you kept in your heart? (Don’t share the secret, but find a metaphor for it.)
  • What small things or objects are important to you? A tree in the backyard, a stuffed animal, etc.?

The Power of Heart Cohesion– Click to WATCH VIDEO HERE



Books Cooks

By Elaine McDaniel


fudge and strawberries


A client mentioned her “fudge” last month and how easy it was to make, suddenly my “revamp” brain started ticking.

Kathy Bowling’s ingredients are

1 can of eagle brand condensed milk

1 package chocolate chips

2 TBL butter

Fudge, being a childhood favorite, is loaded with sugar.  So, here is my recipe change — one is dairy free, the other is not.  In our staff meeting we did a taste test.  Both are good!  However, I’m hard pressed to call the one using dairy “fudge” instead of “spread”.

fudge ingredients

 Pick a chip:

  • “Sunspire” chocolate chips with 2 g sugar per TBL


  • “Enjoy Life” dark chips”(dairy free, soy free) also works 7g sugar per TBL


  • “Native Forest” 5.4 oz coconut cream (>1g sugar 2 TBL)
  • 2 TBL coconut oil

Melt all ingredients in a pan being careful not to burn the bottom

Pour nuts in the bottom of a pan then add the mix into over it, refrigerated, cut into bite size pieces.

This recipe was my favorite.  Next time, I will add a few different types of nuts and seeds.  When you add nuts and seeds, you still get the sweetness you desire from the fudge and cut down the sugar content of each bite.

The next experiment

  • Ghirardelli Chocolate chunks (lower in sugar than chips)  5 g per TBL
  • 1/2 can “California Farms” evaporated milk – the condensed milk was sweetened with 22g of sugar for 2 TBL !!!  It was organic, however……
  • 2 TBL butter

This was a nice spread or dip as it never became solid like a fudge.  In the taste test (I’m giggling) this fact went unnoticed as the taste was delightful.

dipped strawberries

A note about California Farms milk. I was only able to find it in the health food store.  Personally, I refuse to spend one dollar towards a Monsanto product and Nestle is owned by Monsanto.  While Eagle brand and California Farms both had the same sugar content in the “sweetened” evaporated milk, I stood by my principles and drove further to get California Farms.

May your Valentine’s Day be filled with love and joy, instead of sugar crashes and tears. As always, we welcome you to post your fun pictures of the recipes or comments on our facebook or google + page.


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