Dyslexia is Not Forever


Has anyone told you that reversing dyslexia without drugs is impossible?

Or have you heard that dyslexia is something you and your child must learn to live with?

Neither one is true.

Dyslexia is not a lifelong condition. Contrary to “conventional medical wisdom” and traditional education philosophy, dyslexia does not have to be forever. It can, and is, reversed without drugs. We do it every day here at my office, and parents help make it happen in their homes every night.

If your child is currently struggling with learning challenges, which can lead to behavior issues, I can help!

I love my job. For the last 25 years, I’ve been helping children recover from dyslexia naturally—without invasive therapies, without fear, and without drugs of any kind.

Would you like to discover where the boulders are in your child’s learning? I’d love to teach you what to look for. And then I’d like to share with you the way through those boulders. They aren’t as big as you think they are… in fact, they’re easily navigated and even pushed out of the way.

The answers to dyslexia are actually simple, but most people don’t know the key to open up the talents currently hidden within your child. I do, and I can help you discover the genius in your child. It was always there but hidden under the layers of dyslexia.

Books Neural Therapy™ is a non-invasive, drug-free intervention that reverses dyslexia by dismantling it. We’ll find the neurological glitches in your child’s system and “reboot” them, much like you would your computer or smart phone.

As a dyslexia doctor, I love playing detective. And I’ll show you how to discover the ways your child can be free from his or her current learning issues. The process is simple and enjoyable. You and your child will learn so much from reversing dyslexia that you’ll be an expert. And your child will finally have the success in school he wants.

Your child doesn’t have to struggle with dyslexia anymore. I’d love to tell you more about the ways through this maze. I want to show you how wonderful your child will feel when she is free from dyslexia.

And mostly, I’d love to share your joy and relief when your child reads aloud beautifully!1 (8)

It can happen! I see it every day, and I can’t wait to help you see it before your very eyes.

I invite you to call me at 512-331-0668, or contact me, for a complimentary freedom from dyslexia consultation today.

Your child can be free of dyslexia forever!

When we reverse dyslexia without drugs, I bet you’ll be so ecstatic you’ll want to send me a video of your child reading and beaming with pride after you’ve completed my program.

In fact, you’ll be so happy you’ll probably want to share it with the world. (You don’t have to do this, of course. I just want you to “get” how great your child is going to feel when he is “dyslexia free.”)


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