WAIT! You’re Almost Done…


I can’t wait to send you the “Dyslexia No More Kit” but there’s one more thing you have to do.

Don’t worry, it’s really easy and simple.

1. Check your email inbox and look for one from me, Dr. Books, with YOU REQUESTED THE DYSLEXIA NO MORE KIT in the subject line.

2. Open that email and please click on the link inside to confirm.

So as soon as you confirm, I’ll send you the FREE video “The Triple A Formula,” the Eye Tracking Assessment Video, the Dyslexia Assessment Checklist, and look for the Newsletter “Dyslexia – From Discovery to Recovery.”

Finally, you’ll be able to watch your children look forward to reading and feel good about themselves again.

Can’t wait? please just call me and know I am here for you and let’s plan a strategy session!  011    512-331-0668.


Dr. Phyllis Books, DC, CCN

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