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I am SO glad that you requested your very own DYSLEXIA NO MORE KIT. You and your child are about to start on this very exciting journey to reversing dyslexia forever!

You can get started in claiming your FREEDOM from dyslexia TODAY!

1. “The AAA Formula” Digital Video
Learn Dr. Books clear and easy 3 step formula for reversing dyslexia now.

2. Dyslexia Clues Revealed Assessment
This dyslexia online test for children will help you quickly and easily assess dyslexia symptoms.

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“Dyslexia Clues Revealed”

3. Dyslexia “Eye Tracking” Assessment Video
This eye tracking video will help you test your child for dyslexia tendencies.

“Eye Tracking Assessment″ by Dr. Phyllis Books

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How Would You Like to
Reverse Dyslexia…In As Little As One Week?

My passion is working with children who are struggling with dyslexia because it just doesn’t need to be that way.

I work with dyslexic kids and adults and help them to:

  • Become ignited with the fun of learning
  • Take the stress off learning
  • Have more time to do fun activities with the family
  • Uncover their real talent and gifts to share with the world.

Dyslexia doesn’t have to be a permanent condition
and you don’t have to cope with it – you can reverse it..

I have several programs available, including one that reverses dyslexia in as little as a week and another that a parent can do with their child at home.

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“Dyslexia Freedom Strategy Session.”

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Dr. Phyllis Books, MA, DC, CCN