Don’t Drink the Water


“Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink” wrote the Ancient Mariner.
And today, even though we are in such a civilized society and not at sea, the water still may not be healthy for us.

We need water to live. 70% of our body is water. Our brains can even get dehydrated without enough water. But what are we to do when the water coming from our tap may not do much good …and may cause cancer.

Back in the February 5, 1990 issue of Newsweek the featured story was entitled, The Fluoride Risk: Evidence of a Link to Cancer. The article begins, “Remember the great fluoride debate? Back in the 1950’s, every voice of authority, from the U.S. public Health Service to the PTA, supported adding fluoride to the water supply as an effective and totally safe to promote healthy teeth.

Apparently there has been debate going on for years about fluoride though the public wasn’t necessarily aware of it. In 1977 the National Toxicology Program was ordered by Congress to determine whether fluoride causes cancer. Then in 1990, the NTP (National Toxicology Program) released data showing that lab rats given fluoridated water had a higher rate of a rare bone cancer called osteosarcoma. Also, apparently, the more fluoride, the more cancers. This was harder to discredit than the hundred of earlier experiments varying in quality from around the world ,that have linked fluoride to mottled teeth, skeletal damage, genetic defects and other ills.

The amount of tooth decay has lessened in fluoridated areas, which was the purpose of introducing fluoride into our water. The side effects, however, were lethal. It has taken over four decades of research to see the results of the supposedly innocuous solution.

67% of the United States population drinks fluoride water, which is costing taxpayers billions, not only for the fluoride, but in mounting illness and enormous medical expenses.

41 of the 50 largest US cities have added fluoride to their drinking water.

Millions of galloons of fluoride are doing untold damage. In the July 1000 Journal of the American Dental Association, a compelling story finally clarifies for every identifies that fluoride does not reduce tooth decay from drink and ingestion. They claim it only helps with application to the surface of the tooth.

I wonder what the tooth fairy has to say about all this?


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