Do you know people who are accident prone?


Do you know people who areHouse of Miracles


Christian and his Mother were.

Chapter 12, “House of Miracles” by Bernice Dotz 


The townspeople in our Danish tourist village were assembling for the annual Danish Sisterhood Christmas party. Garlands and Danish Christmas hearts hung on the walls of the parish hall and an eighteen-foot Monterey Pine Christmas tree, decorated with lights and balls, stood in the center. Tables were covered with red tablecloths; white napkins enclosed the knife, fork, and spoon. Centerpieces were Christmas evergreens interspersed with votive candles sparkling inside little glass globes.

A young man sat at a table across the room from me. He had long, straight hair reaching below his collar, and very delicate features. He looked familiar. Pretty soon he saw me and got up and walked over to my table. It was Christian. Although I had known him since he was a young boy, I had not seen him for almost two years. Five years earlier Christian, a student at UCSB, was having a difficult time getting through college because of his learning disabilities. He came to see Dr. Books, complaining of headaches, and reading difficulties.

Like so many people with learning disabilities Christian had walked a little stooped over in a straight gait – almost like a duck’s waddle. One shoulder was lower than the other, and his right ear was higher on his head than his left ear. He told how he had been knocked unconscious in a skateboard accident when he was younger. He also had difficulties with allergies, was clumsy and accident prone, had poor self-esteem, and found it difficult to complete projects. He expressed a problem with handwriting, memory, and with vision – which was eventually corrected by laser surgery. Conditions such as these are often caused by neurological problems, in Christian’s case it was in his mandible joint causing temporomandibular joint pain dysfunction syndrome (TMJ). Dr. Books was able to correct his problems with only six “Books Neural Therapy™” treatments.

I was thrilled to see the young man who stood before me now. He was tall – over six fee – and stood erect. His body was balanced, and his shoulders were even. He spoke clearly, with confidence; his thoughts were well organized. His charming wife and cute little daughter came over with him to meet me. He spoke proudly of his family and his job in the computer industry in Santa Barbara. The changes in Christian’s life seemed like a miracle to Christian, his family, and to me.

When Christian came to see Dr. Books he was accompanied by his mother, Velma. At the time she was straining to finish college; she tended to skip over her work and could not remember what she had learned. Like her son she was accident-prone and had allergies. She had trouble reading her own handwriting, writing that wandered on the page. She also struggled with self-esteem.

Her difficulties seemed to result from a whiplash in an auto accident. As a child she fell a lot, and continued to do so as an adult, because she had poor depth perception. She often bumped her head. As a result she suffered from a lot of depression.

Velma had many “Books Neural Therapy™” treatments from Dr. Books. After that it was like she had a complete new body. She was very lovely, self-assured, and confident. It seemed like a miracle to both Velma and to me.

The treatments will last a lifetime if there is no further trauma, such as a bad fall or an auto accident that could knock or throw the body off balance again. Dr. Books likes people to come in for “tune-ups” first on a monthly basis, then quarterly, then yearly. Even with all her degrees and credentials, she keeps learning new things about the brain, the body and learning. She is eager to keep everyone as fit as possible and learning as easily as possible.


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