Do You Know A Family That Was Damaged By Alcoholism?


Do you know a family that was severely damaged  House of Miracles

by alcoholism and divorce? This family was.

Taken from Chapter 9, “House of Miracles”

Written by Bernice Capelle Dotz


The young lady was charming, outgoing, had a pleasant smile, and was great with the customers. She started working at our store as a teenager. After college she took a job on a cruise line, sailing up and down the Alaskan Coast in the summer and up and down the Mexican Pacific Coast in the winter. It was fun for a few years. Then she came back home and worked at our store again.

Shortly after returning she met a handsome, talented young man, fell in love and got married.

They rented the apartment above our store, and lived there until their first baby started to crawl. Then they moved to Buellton. Over the years they were blessed with three lovely daughters.

Social drinking changed to drinking to the point of passing out regularly. This brilliant computer engineer changed. No longer the loving husband and father, he was now controlled by alcoholism. Divorce followed. He moved home to live with his mother. This addiction escalated to the point of violence.

When Sunny took the girls to visit their grandma, the girls were hoping to see their dad. They still loved their dad very deeply. Grandma told them that their dada had broken her nose when he was drunk, and she made him leave. The girls were devastated.

The years followed with no physical, written, or financial contact between father and daughters. Two or three times in ten years the dad called and promised to visit the girls, but he never showed up. The girls were so eager to see him they even went to visit the homeless shelters and talked to people who knew him, but they never found him. An investigator revealed that he had been moving from homeless shelter to homeless shelter.

The girls had a few neurological/learning issues before the divorce. Sunny believes that Dr. Books’ treatments, even in the light of the emotional trauma, facilitated the eventual healing. The treatments were able to help the family in their struggle to get back to normal, but the emotional drain of the divorce and losing their dad was devastating on the girls.

Divorce is a serious emotional trauma and one not easily treated. Books Neural Therapy™ can help with the physical, neurological and emotional trauma that happens in the body from such a devastating emotional event. With Dr. Books’ treatments, time, patience and love from their friends and family the girls have recovered.

Charter school was a big help for the girls. They could be successful in that setting.

The two older girls each took a year abroad in their schooling. One went to Russia and one went Denmark. They enjoyed and grew and matured with the opportunity to live for a year with an intact family. Both girls are now in College and have part time jobs. The younger girl is in charter high school and also has a part time job.

Dr. Books’ work with this family, treating mother and all three daughters was a help through the difficult times. But no treatment can take the place of a lost father.



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