Did You Know There Are Effective Treatments for ADD, Developmental Delays, and Learning Disabilities?


Taken from Chapter 15, House of Miracles by Bernice Dotz

Martin was awkward, moved in an ungraceful fashion, and walked with an unbalanced gait because the neurological pathways from his brain to his muscles were not coordinated or developed. He and his family were told he had ADD, learning disabilities, and developmental delays.House of Miracles

He learned to ride a bike when he was six, so his balance was good then. Subsequent falls on his head and tailbone knocked him out of alignment, affecting his balance.

At eight, Martin had an EEG and an EKG, which showed electrical and conductive problems. He also had eye surgery, which contributed to a vision problem. When he was nine, he had a bicycle accident and had to have stitches over his eye. At ten, he had a heart murmur and was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and hyperactivity. At eleven, he had a second bike accident and damaged his nose and eye (again).

Sports were good physical exercise and fun, but he was clumsy, accident-prone, and had balance problems and poor motor coordination. In addition, he had difficulty following instructions, one of his ADD symptoms.

When he was fifteen, he was still reading at the second grade level. Vision problems and dyslexia made reading, spelling, writing, and arithmetic difficult. Yet another ADD symptom was difficulty concentrating and remembering to turn in his homework and complete projects.

As he got older, his frustrations increased because he wanted to be out with other children, yet he could not play and act as they did. He enjoyed drawing, woodworking, playing video games, bike riding, and playing with Legos.

After a summer of treatments with Dr. Phyllis Books, both of his eyes moved together, and he could finally maintain eye contact with others instead of looking at the ground. This increased his self-confidence and encouraged more verbal interaction.

When Martin went back to Wisconsin to school in the fall, he looked better, which helped his self-esteem. He walked erect with smooth movements and appeared more balanced. His schoolwork improved, with fewer ADD symptoms. His mother received an email from his teacher telling how much he had improved. Instead of avoiding his schoolwork, he sat right down and did it immediately.

The improvements in Martin were a miracle to his mother and his teachers. He is just one example of children who keep improving over time. Martin continued to see Dr. Books, and with her help, he eventually overcame his developmental delays.

Martin graduated from high school with honors, and he won several awards for racing quads in Wisconsin. After high school, Martin started working with his father in construction.

Martin’s ADD treatment was just the first step in helping him to reverse his learning disabilities and developmental delays. If you or your child shows signs of ADD, contact Dr. Books today to set up a consultation or appointment.


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