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“Root Causes” of dyslexia and learning disabilities addressed in Dyslexia Reversal System

Dyslexia can be reversed at any stage or any age. How do we tune-up a brain? You can take matters into your own hands – literally and figuratively – when you learn the Dyslexia Reversal System (DRS). The Dyslexia Reversal System is a non-invasive and drug-free therapy that uses movement and gentle, hands-on stimulation to rewire your child’s neurological system so that dyslexia and other learning disorders can be reversed. This web-based course teaches the most effective dyslexia reversal strategies – strategies I’ve carefully developed during more than three decades of work as a doctor specializing in pediatric and learning


What if We Could Treat Dyslexia Naturally?

What if dyslexia were just a little obstacle, and not a big mountain? What if that obstacle could be erased quickly and without pain? And what if your child’s dyslexia treatment was all natural, without using drugs or invasive treatments? Dyslexia can be reversed, and the boulders that keep your child from learning can be removed. Yes, you heard me right. The obstacles can be removed gently, without pain and relatively quickly. Does it sound like a miracle? Is that too good to be true? I assure you it’s possible, and I see it every day. As a dyslexia specialist,


It’s Painful to Watch Your Child with Dyslexia Suffer

Nothing is more hurtful and difficult than watching your child with dyslexia go to school and feel like a failure. It’s painful to watch him curl up inside himself, embarrassed, frustrated, and not understanding why learning has to be such a struggle. Why reading comes so easily to the other kids and not to him. She may also have trouble with numbers, called dyscalculia, or with writing, known as dysgraphia. She may have ADHD and experience difficulty focusing in class. No matter which learning disability (I call them learning challenges because they don’t have to be permanent or debilitating) she


Dyslexia is Not Forever

Has anyone told you that reversing dyslexia without drugs is impossible? Or have you heard that dyslexia is something you and your child must learn to live with? Neither one is true. Dyslexia is not a lifelong condition. Contrary to “conventional medical wisdom” and traditional education philosophy, dyslexia does not have to be forever. It can, and is, reversed without drugs. We do it every day here at my office, and parents help make it happen in their homes every night. If your child is currently struggling with learning challenges, which can lead to behavior issues, I can help! I


Do You Believe Deep Down that Your Child Can Reverse Dyslexia?

Do you trust that natural dyslexia treatments can work for your child? Do you believe, really truly believe, that your child can change? Do you know in your heart and soul that your child’s dyslexia can be reversed? Without dangerous pills and side effects, and without invasive therapies? At the very least, are you willing to talk with me for a few minutes and learn more? Reversing dyslexia is completely possible and happens all the time. I’ve seen it and been part of it for over 25 years through Books Neural Therapy™. However, you have to be completely on board


Is Labeling My Child “Dyslexic” a Good Thing?

There are pros and cons to labeling anything. When we label something, it becomes locked in time, and it becomes the new reality. For those in the medical and educational establishments, the label (or diagnosis) is irrefutable fact—that’s the way it is, period. To them, once you have a child with dyslexia, it’s a lifelong condition that can only be managed. And it’s not going to change, so don’t disagree with them or ask for further help. They will give you the help they can, and unfortunately, it’s not much. Now, labels do have a purpose, even though no one


Can Dyslexia Really Be Reversed?

If dyslexia can really be reversed, then why hasn’t anyone told you? Why isn’t it on the news everywhere? (I’ve often wondered that myself, and I’m doing what I can to get the word out.) That’s a great question, and the answer is simple. Reversing dyslexia is unique to just a few people’s healthcare practices, like mine, and most people haven’t seen it happen, so they don’t believe it’s possible. You see, most people don’t know that there are simple and easy-to-use techniques to reverse dyslexia. It just isn’t taught in the medical colleges or to the teachers or psychologists.


Treat Dyslexia Naturally with the Dyslexia No More Kit

When I started reversing dyslexia naturally, two very important things were missing: a way for parents to determine whether their children have dyslexia, and the resources to help them begin the process of reversing it. To bring those tools to every parent and child who needed them, I created a series of no-cost dyslexia assessments, tests, and signs and symptoms checklists to help you determine whether reversing dyslexia naturally would help your child and transform his life. The vast majority of dyslexia treatments out there are merely compensations and band-aids. I want your child’s dyslexia to be reversed, not merely