20 Expert Quotes about Living with and Reversing Dyslexia, Part 2

I had so much fun collecting the expert quotes on dyslexia that I ended up with more than I needed for one blog post. Please enjoy this next batch of quotations from experts. Some of these I keep in mind when I’m working with children with dyslexia. Others inspire me to continue my work to reverse dyslexia. I hope you enjoy these quotes, whether they are positive and upbeat, or a bit on the sad or negative side. Many children with dyslexia experience both emotional extremes in the span of a few minutes. And some experts are a bit frustrated


5 Tips to Reduce Your Child’s Stress—and Your Own

One of the first things I teach parents about how to support a child with dyslexia is stress reduction. If you can reduce your child’s stress, he or she is more open to natural dyslexia treatment such as Books Neural Therapy™. However, often I find that parents need stress reduction as much as their children do. The concept is much like the safety lecture you receive when you board an airplane. You, as the adult, must put on your oxygen mask so you can help your child with his. Your need for oxygen must be met first, just as your


Reversing Dyslexia – 7 Things You Should Know

Dyslexia is one of the most recognized learning disabilities, but it’s not truly understood. All too often, a child or adult is diagnosed and then immediately put on Ritalin or a similar pharmaceutical. Rarely is the topic of reversing dyslexia brought up, much less discussed. If you’ve been reading this blog for very long, you know that dyslexia can be reversed. However, it takes a willingness to think outside the box of medications and special classes. It requires an open mind, and you must be willing to put in the time and effort that reversing dyslexia requires. I thought it


Give Thanks Everyday

Is everyday Thanksgiving at your house?     Do songs of joy and praise roll off your lips first thing in the morning? Any morning? Every morning? Or might a touch of overwhelm meet you when you wake up?   During November and December in America, we emphasize gratefulness, family connections, and good cheer to all. Ideally, those values we hold near and dear to us on a daily basis, not just holiday times.   It’s easy to have way too much to do during this season. So may I ask you to choose at least two things from this


9 Fun Things to do Outdoors as a Family

Summer or not, being outside is healthy and fun.  Being in nature encourages our natural curiosity and sense of exploration in simple but useful ways.  Time seems to slow down when we’re in nature.  How wonderful is that?? Research shows that people who spend time in nature have better health, increased levels of satisfaction, lower stress, and greater overall well-being. Are you looking for a few fun ways to involve your family with outdoor activities?  Try these: l) Family Olympics – Create your own version of Olympic events. Create an obstacle course, have hula-hoop contests, 50-yard dashes, relay races, basketball


Should September Really be the Beginning of the Year?

As summer draws nigh and people reassemble themselves for the coming months, I often wonder about the new year. The calendar reflects January as the beginning of the new year. But it seems to me that September, signaling summer’s end and the change to cooler weather, is when people hunker down anew – so maybe September should be the first month of the new year. Are you getting your new schedules in place? Are you allowing transition time for members to adjust to the fall demands? Planning ahead just a little can make the transitions smoother on everyone. Sitting down


Is There Ease In Your Summer?

Summertime and the living is easy…so the song says. I hope you’re having an “easy” summer with lots of relaxation, stretching and time in nature. For me, summer has been blissful. Lots of time with my grandchildren at the local “Camp Nee Nee”, white water rafting in Colorado with my son and I just returned from a Brain Gym conference on my second trip to Colorado in July. So lots of nature, lots of laughter, play, walking in the wet green grass and going to Brain Gym classes at Colorado State University. What are you consciously planning in your life


Music For The Soundtrack Of Life

Here Are Our Picks (click on the names to listen) I love this list as it is as varied as our emotions and all our life’s experiences. Please, share your life’s music in the comments below!   Music to work to: Jerry Garcia & David Grisman “The Thrill Is Gone” Music to rock out to: The Foofighters “Everlong” Music to get down to: Chaka Khan “Tell Me Something Good” Music to study to: Norah Jones “Sunrise” Music to remind you from whence you came: Deuter “Indian Girl” Music to analyze: J.S Bach “The Goldberg Variations” Music for getting out of