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What if We Could Treat Dyslexia Naturally?

What if dyslexia were just a little obstacle, and not a big mountain? What if that obstacle could be erased quickly and without pain? And what if your child’s dyslexia treatment was all natural, without using drugs or invasive treatments? Dyslexia can be reversed, and the boulders that keep your child from learning can be removed. Yes, you heard me right. The obstacles can be removed gently, without pain and relatively quickly. Does it sound like a miracle? Is that too good to be true? I assure you it’s possible, and I see it every day. As a dyslexia specialist,


How Does Books Neural Therapy™ Support Students with Dyslexia?

Reversing dyslexia is possible, and you don’t need drugs or invasive procedures. Books Neural Therapy™ supports students with dyslexia by helping the nervous system communicate more effectively through gentle realignments of the body. Dyslexia is not the only learning difference or health problem that BNT helps. We have also helped students successfully reverse the effects of: • ADD/ADHD • Head traumas, including sports concussions and sports head injuries • Neurosensory processing issues • Allergies • TMJ • Eye tracking problems • Difficulty with balance “It is very worth it to have Jared off his medication. You can’t put a price


Reversing ADHD and Dyslexia Does Happen, Contrary to Popular Belief, Part 2

Taken from Chapter 14, House of Miracles by Bernice Dotz Did you know that 99% of the dyslexia and ADHD experts are wrong because they say reversing dyslexia and reversing ADHD are impossible? Do you honestly think dyslexia and ADHD are permanent, lifelong, and irreversible? Think again. The last blog was about Brad, his dyslexia and ADHD symptoms, and his struggles with school and life. Now we take a look at his younger sister Marcia and how Dr. Phyllis Books was successful in reversing ADHD and dyslexia for two children in one family. Marcia was eight years old and in


Reversing ADHD and Dyslexia Does Happen, Contrary to Popular Belief, Part 1

Taken from Chapter 13, House of Miracles by Bernice Dotz Almost all educational and medical experts say that reversing ADHD and dyslexia cannot be done. They say both disorders are lifelong and permanent, and the best anyone can hope for is to learn to live with them and find ways to accommodate them. But they couldn’t be more wrong. The work done in the fields of dyslexia, ADHD, and other learning challenges is exciting and groundbreaking. The status quo is shattered every day by doctors and educators who ignore the popular opinions and go their own ways to find solutions.


Just What is Books Neural Therapy™?

JUST WHAT IS BOOKS NEURAL THERAPY™? A combination of treatments unlike any other.                             Chapter 3, “House of Miracles”                          By Bernice Dotz                Books Neural Therapy™ is a unique, non-force, non-drug therapy developed by Dr. Phyllis Books for treating various mechanical, neurological and emotional disorders.  Books Neural Therapy™ looks at the development of the whole body, not just one part.          Books Neural Therapy™ uses a multidisciplinary approach.  Books Neural Therapy™ looks


Do you know people who are accident prone?

Do you know people who are ACCIDENT PRONE? Christian and his Mother were. Chapter 12, “House of Miracles” by Bernice Dotz    The townspeople in our Danish tourist village were assembling for the annual Danish Sisterhood Christmas party. Garlands and Danish Christmas hearts hung on the walls of the parish hall and an eighteen-foot Monterey Pine Christmas tree, decorated with lights and balls, stood in the center. Tables were covered with red tablecloths; white napkins enclosed the knife, fork, and spoon. Centerpieces were Christmas evergreens interspersed with votive candles sparkling inside little glass globes. A young man sat at a


Could Fungus be a Cause of Chronic Sinusitis?

  As many parts of the globe are entering into colder temperatures, the thought of seasonal allergies seems foreign, but in Central Texas,  mold count is high and cedar wind (Juniper pollen) is just around the corner.  Many people are suffering from allergies and chronic sinusitis. Mayo Clinic researchers say that they have found that the cause of most chronic sinus infections is an immune system response to fungus. They say this discovery opens the door to the first effective treatment for this problem, the most common chronic disease in the United States. “Up to now, the cause of chronic


Is Good Nutrition Part of Reversing Dyslexia?

Nutrition affects every cell in the body, and it plays a role in reversing dyslexia. In order to effect true reversal of dyslexia, nutrition cannot be overlooked. Food gives your brain, muscles, bones, organs, and blood the nutrients they need to be healthy. Good nutrition isn’t something you can practice occasionally; it needs to be an ingrained habit. As an example of how nutrition can affect your child’s dyslexia, take the story of Mandy, an eight-year-old who was flunking school and couldn’t pass any of her tests. After ten weeks of care, she went from getting D’s and F’s to