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What if We Could Treat Dyslexia Naturally?

What if dyslexia were just a little obstacle, and not a big mountain? What if that obstacle could be erased quickly and without pain? And what if your child’s dyslexia treatment was all natural, without using drugs or invasive treatments? Dyslexia can be reversed, and the boulders that keep your child from learning can be removed. Yes, you heard me right. The obstacles can be removed gently, without pain and relatively quickly. Does it sound like a miracle? Is that too good to be true? I assure you it’s possible, and I see it every day. As a dyslexia specialist,


It’s Painful to Watch Your Child with Dyslexia Suffer

Nothing is more hurtful and difficult than watching your child with dyslexia go to school and feel like a failure. It’s painful to watch him curl up inside himself, embarrassed, frustrated, and not understanding why learning has to be such a struggle. Why reading comes so easily to the other kids and not to him. She may also have trouble with numbers, called dyscalculia, or with writing, known as dysgraphia. She may have ADHD and experience difficulty focusing in class. No matter which learning disability (I call them learning challenges because they don’t have to be permanent or debilitating) she


Let’s Find the Masterpiece that is You with Books Neural Therapy™

Several times a week, I hear from adults who feel trapped in jobs they hate, relationships that don’t serve them, and in other situations they feel they can’t escape. They feel like nothing will ever change and they come to me, in desperation and frustration, for help with their dyslexia or ADHD. They know they need to start somewhere to change their lives. Am I describing you here? Books Neural Therapy™ (BNT) is a natural treatment for ADHD and dyslexia that helps them to find their greatness. They learn about themselves and their unique gifts. They discover how they fit


How Does Books Neural Therapy™ Support Students with Dyslexia?

Reversing dyslexia is possible, and you don’t need drugs or invasive procedures. Books Neural Therapy™ supports students with dyslexia by helping the nervous system communicate more effectively through gentle realignments of the body. Dyslexia is not the only learning difference or health problem that BNT helps. We have also helped students successfully reverse the effects of: • ADD/ADHD • Head traumas, including sports concussions and sports head injuries • Neurosensory processing issues • Allergies • TMJ • Eye tracking problems • Difficulty with balance “It is very worth it to have Jared off his medication. You can’t put a price


7 Ways to Get Your Kids Involved in Healthy Eating

Healthy eating plays a tremendous role in reversing dyslexia and ADHD. The food supply is not as nutritious as it used to be, and we are eating far too much junk food. What your child eats is what his body uses for energy and building neuron pathways, bone, muscles, and tissue. It’s true what they say: garbage in = garbage out. Good nutrition makes our jobs much easier when we work together to reverse dyslexia or naturally treat ADHD. Excess sugar is toxic to your child’s body and hurts her health every way possible. Unfortunately, while it’s easy to avoid


Has Your Child’s Dyslexia or ADHD Triggered Self-Destructive Behavior?

Dealing with the signs and symptoms of dyslexia and ADHD can be frustrating for children and adults. Sometimes this frustration hits crisis level and triggers self-destructive behavior. Some children and adults focus their frustration and destructive behavior outward, and others take out their annoyance and upset on themselves. When children with ADHD or dyslexia feel bad about their learning challenges, they may target those who make them feel inferior or bad. If they feel bullied, they may lash out at people they know won’t fight back, including parents, siblings, friends, and teachers. They often act out in a destructive manner


We’ve Been Misled: Ritalin is Not a Wonder Drug for ADHD Symptoms

As we all know, most doctors consider Ritalin (or other drugs containing methylphenidate) the treatment of choice for ADHD symptoms. I call these medications the “ADHD band-aid” because of how they work and how they affect those who take them. Drugs such as Ritalin work by stimulating the central nervous system. Paradoxically, the child calms down almost immediately after taking it. Parents of ADHD children see it as a miracle, but after a time, effectiveness goes down while side effects go up. Increasing the dosage is not the answer, and long-term use of methylphenidate drugs is not recommended. Many times,


Books Neural Therapy Improves Reading and Math Skills in Mere Weeks

Taken from Chapter 6 of House of Miracles by Bernice Capelle Dotz Ever seen students improve academic skills enough to advance three full grade levels and show significant improvement on standardized tests like the Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency? And this miracle took place after just a few weeks of Books Neural Therapy™? It has happened! In 2001 in California, twenty-four students ages 7-20 were selected at random to participate in a study of Books Neural Therapy™, a non-drug intervention to improve academic skills and social behavior. This neural therapy is a neurologically based, hands-on repatterning technique to improve brain