FLOYD had the possibility inside him.

By: Bernice Capelle Dotz

When Dr. Books began coming to Solvang, I invited a number of friends to my house one evening to get acquainted with her and her work. Among these friends was a lady whose ex-husband is a prominent sculptor. She was concerned about her stepson, Floyd. Floyd’s mother and stepmother had become friends and allies in the raising of all three sons. When his stepmother heard Dr. Books speak at my house she realized the “Books Neural Therapy™” was what Floyd needed. My friend was therefore eager to share the news about Dr. Books’ work with Floyd’s mother.

Floyd’s father and mother agreed, and Floyd came to my house for treatments. In exchange, Dr. Books would receive one of Floyd’s father’s beautiful sculptures.

Floyd’s mother was very ill all during her pregnancy with Floyd. The contractions were hard and one minute apart the entire nineteen hours before Floyd was born, and, in her words, the baby was “crusty and blue and green and very sick”.

Floyd did not crawl or talk until he was a year and a half old. He stuttered when he started to talk. When he was about four or five he would draw very intricate designs, far more complex than the average preschooler. But by the age of seven he put away his crayons and ink, his spirit thoroughly squelched by unkind remarks from teachers and classmates.

All his life Floyd suffered with allergies that made it difficult to concentrate. Sometimes he felt dizzy. Floyd said that sometimes his head would pound so hard it felt like a herd of horses was running through it. This pressure, which had developed during the birth process, had never been relieved. This, of course, caused learning problems. He loved outdoor physical activities like riding motorcycles, snowboarding, and surfing, but mental activities in school were very difficult.

Floyd’s mother had become very frustrated with the school system because her son was not learning to read. He had difficult following instructions, and when he tried to read he would reverse the letters, a sign of dyslexia. He could not remember to turn in his homework, would trip over his words when he tried to talk, and had a hard time finishing his work. One day he would be able to perform a particular task and then next day he could not. It was not because the teachers were not trying, or the parents were not cooperating, or Floyd was not working at it, it was because he had some kinks in his neurological hoses so that the messages he saw with his eyes did not process in his brain. This was very frustrating to him. He often wanted to drop out of school.

Another problem Floyd had was confusing left and right, a skill necessary for following directions to a destination.

After the initial series of treatments, when it was time for Floyd to read aloud, Dr. Books called his mother and me into the room to listen. When his mother, with tears in her eyes, heard him read, she said, “This isn’t my child! I’ve never heard him read a whole sentence! I’ve spent his whole life trying to get him to read!” Floyd was fifteen years old at this time, so the mother had years and years of effort behind her heartfelt words.

When Floyd got home about eight o’clock on Wednesday evening, his mother excitedly told his father that Floyd could read. “Yeah, right,” he replied. Then for the next hour, members of the family tossed him magazines and books. He read them all. He simply and plainly read them, without stumbling or hesitation.

Him mother was so excited she was calling people until midnight. The next morning at nine o’clock she called Dr. Books and asked if she would speak to the whole town on the following Sunday night. She invited not only all her friends in their small town, but also all the teachers and educators who had ever worked with Floyd – including both the County Superintendent and the local Superintendent of the schools. There was standing room only at the café where they convened. Floyd’s mother, stepmother, and father described to the group how Floyd had always been too shy to speak and how they had tried every system they were told about in hopes that Floyd could be helped. Nothing did much good.

Dr. Books explained that learning is not just from the neck up, it is from the whole body. The body has to be in balance. The person has to have a good foundation on their feet and be secure in their walk, with balanced legs, even hips and shoulders, and balance in their head and face. “Form and function” is important in anatomy and physiology, not just for beauty to look at but also for functioning at our best. When we are out of alignment, especially in the skull bones, learning becomes very labored and inefficient. Getting his head and facial bones balanced even made Floyd a more handsome young man.

When Dr. Books returned the next month to our town, Floyd again came in for more sessions. Miracles had continued in her absence. His skin, once an almost fish-belly white, was now pink and glowing. His muscle tone had improved dramatically. During the treatment when Dr. Books was releasing the birth trauma, she turned to the sculptor-father and asked, “If this face were a sculpture, would you consider it finished?” She point out the asymmetries around the eyes, the jaw and the lips.

Once the famous Michelangelo was asked how he could create the magnificent sculpture of David. He replied, “I saw David in there and simply carved away that which wasn’t David”. Likewise, Dr. Books removed the obstacles that kept Floyd from being the entire person he was meant to be.

At the age of fifteen, after Dr. Books had treated him, Floyd once again picked up his drawing pen. Soon, however, he changed to a chisel and followed in his father’s footsteps and began sculpting. At his first art show he sold all of his sculptures; before long he had sold enough artwork to buy himself a pickup truck and a piece of heavy equipment. Now, in addition to his artwork, sculpting with serpentine stone from his father’s land, he does roadwork on private properties.


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