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Here are 6 of the Brainercises in Video form.

Infinity, Brain Balancing with Eye Movement

Dr Phyllis Books works with Dyslexic people in her office. This video shows her assistant teaching the Infinity to help balance the brain.


Cross Crawl, Brain Balanicng Exercise, Sync Up Left and Right Hemispheres, Binaural Beats

Dr. Phyllis Books works with kids that have dyslexia and other issues. Here is her assistant, teaching the movements to these teens. Eyes should move back and forth from knee to knee as each hand touches the opposite knee. Crossing the body with opposing limbs is an important part of this movement. The background music contains binaural beats to help with a meditative state for the brain. Listen with headphones for best results.


2 Brain Balancing Exercises, with Binaural Beats, Think and Learn Better

Dr Phyllis Books works with Dyslexia people in her office. This video shows her assistant teaching 2 exercises to help balance the brain. Hopping on one leg and the balance beam walk.Disclaimer: Not all exercises are right for every person. Consult with your personal health professional before doing this exercise.

Clock Eye Circles, Brain Balancing Movement, with Binaural Beats, Theta

Binaural beats provide a theta brainwave effect for the brain.Headphones are suggested for best results. Sometimes I like to sit comfortably in the stereo field, between the speakers.

Up and Over, Brain Balancing Exercise, with Binaural Beats

Balance your brain’s hemispheres with this simple movement. Cross body connection, combined with special eye movements, brings balancing energy to your mind. Brought to you by Dr. Phyllis Books.