What is Books Neural Therapy, and how does it help people?
Is there any scientific basis for Book Neural Therapy? Or is this one of those “fluffy” unproven techniques?
Why do you call Books Neural Therapy™ “foundational work”?
I’m skeptical. I’ve already spent money on other therapies that didn’t work. Why should I believe Books Neural Therapy will work?
What other therapies could I compare this to?
How is Books Neural Therapy™ so different from other therapies?
Can you give me an example of how BNT checks out the “first things first”/basic functioning?
Are there any “body clues” that I could benefit from Books Neural Therapy?
Who responds to Books Neural Therapy™?
If I decide to do Books Neural Therapy™, how long before I see results?
How do you decide where to begin?
After the initial phase of care, then what?
How long will the changes last?
Can the client get worse during treatment?
What else can I be doing?
Will the corrections fade away over time?
Earlier you mentioned “survival mode.” What do you mean by that, and how does one get out of it?
You seem to emphasize addressing the nervous system. Why?
How do you know what part of the nervous system to address?
Will Books Neural Therapy™ improve my reading?
Is dyslexia really reversible?
Will this help with “focus”?
Tell me a bit more about how nutrition factors into the work you do through Books Neural Therapy.
What causes learning problems?
What do you do with the eyes and eye tracking?
Have you worked with very serious head injuries? What do you do?
What do you do for brain injuries – from subtle to very serious head injuries?
For severe brain injuries, Down’s syndrome, autism, etc., will the patient’s cognitive function improve or change?
How do you work with the TMJ (jaw joint)?
I don’t live anywhere near a Books Neural Therapist. How can I get help?