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wheel BNT Professional Training – All 3 Levels

Upcoming BNT Professional Level Seminar Dates:

Level 1: April 23-26, 2015

Level 2: May 22-24, 2015

Level 3: June 18-21, 2015


wheel How to Be A Dyslexia Detective – FREE Webinar


Join in to discover how to tell if your child’s learning struggles may be dyslexia related. Uncover hidden brain glitches that keep your child struggling and missing out on all the fun things! Register Now

wheel Dyslexia Detective Screening Program – 4 Modules of Training

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wheel Introduction To Muscle Checking Online Class intro-to-muscle-checking-class-brand, Dyslexia Treatments, ADHD Treatments, Dyslexia Symptoms, Chiropractor, Austin


Dr. Phyllis Books offers this fun, lively, recorded class teaching you the basics of muscle testing. Enjoy learning how to get answers from the body by pressing a muscle indicator. Muscle Checking is a skill that underlies all the energy kinesiology methods. This online workshop will teach the very basics to get you started on a journey toward learning precision muscle testing. Enroll Now!