Books Neural Therapy™ Practitioner Certification Guidelines

How to Progress through the Programs

A. BNT Student


  1. Muscle Testing Proficiency: Competent with at least one method of muscle testing.

Options: store/ Muscle Testing class or take Touch For Health 1

  1. Anatomy & Physiology: Know basic anatomy and physiology landmarks. Many online classes and phone apps available.
  2. Read Reversing Dyslexia by Phyllis Books
  3. Read House of Miracles by Bernice Dotz

How to Start:

  1. Enroll in BNT Levels 1-3 online classes
  2. Attend Live Hands On Trainings in each level
  3. Attend optional practicum courses for additional hands on training
  4. Practice, practice, practice…especially on other students.

*Note: Many students need to take all three BNT levels two times to become proficient

B. BNT Practitioner Certification for Level One:

BNT Practitioner Certification for Level One:

Steps for BNT Level 1 Certification only:

  1. Complete your BNT Level 1 of training.
  2. Submit license to touch (professional license or ministerial license)
  3. Pass written exam with 75% correct
  4. Pass practical exam for BNT Level 1 (in person or if overseas via skype)
  5. Receive BNT session from a BNT Certified Practitioner until you are entirely clear for that BNT Level.
  6. Record your practice on 3 case studies using BNT Case Study form.
  7. Write 200 word report on how you intend to utilize BNT
  8. Once certified, you are listed on the website for Preferred Practitioners as a Certified BNT Level 1 Practitioner

– BNT Level 1 Certification Investment: $200

B1) BNT Certification for Levels 1-3:

  1. Complete all BNT levels of training, both online and live
  2. Submit license to touch.
  3. Pass written exam with 75% correct.
  4. Pass practical exam for each of three levels (in person or if overseas, then via skype)
  5. Receive sessions from a Certified Practitioner until you are entirely clear for Levels 1-3.
  6. Record your practice on 3 cases using BNT Case Study form.
  7. Submit 200 word report on the performance of BNT in your practice.
  8. Once certified, you are listed on the website for Certified Practitioners section as Certified BNT Practitioner, Levels 1-3.

-BNT Practitioner Certification Investment: $500 or $200/level

C. BNT Mastery Level Course

  1. Open to Certified BNT Practitioners, Levels 1-3.
  2. Mastery Level is a combination of live and online classes.
  3. BNT Mastery Course Contents:
  •   BNT Neuroscience (and reading list)
  • Scoliosis protocol
  • Trauma release concepts and brain and body levels involved
  • Emotional Clearing Methods
  • Personal Development
  • How to upgrade your intuition in your practice
  • Introducing Nutrition in your practice
  • Introducing lab testing in your practice
  • Introducing allergy release methods in your practice
  • Marketing and practice building strategies

                  -Course Investment $597

D. BNT Mastery Certification:

  1. Complete all 3 levels of BNT training certification.
  2. Pass written exam with 75% correct.
  3. Answer coaching calls for online DRS and BNT classes for one month.
  4. Submit business and marketing plan ideas.
  5. Upon certification completion, your name will appear in the Certified Practitioners area of the website as: BNT Certified Practioner – Mastery Level

Certification Investment: $400

E. BNT Elite Master Certification: Open to Certified BNT Mastery Level graduates

1.Workstudy/Mentorship: (to be completed in 6 months)

  • Observe/shadow Dr. books with 8 BNT clients (10 week programs or intensives)
  • Submit copy of mentorship case note
  • Perform BNT entire process on 10 clients with partial observation/supervision from a certified BNT practitioners
  • Participate in Grand Rounds case study discussions
  • Serve as call in coach for online DRS and BNT support for duration of mentorship/
  • Show proof of insurance – even “Student status” (See office for good companies)
  • Once completed, you will be listed on the Certified Practitioners section of the website as BNT Certified Practitioner, Mastery Elite Level

Certification Investment:  $997 (with partial reimbursement from working on Dr. Books’ clients if those are part of your 10 cases

F. BNT Teacher Certification: Open to BNT Mastery level graduates invited by Dr. Books

Steps for Certification:

  1. Assist Dr. Books at Leve 1-3 trainings
  2. Table instruction and assistance during classes.
  3. Teach portions of class
  4. Call in coach for online class support.
  • Certification investment: no costs or payments for training