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Circuit Overview Chapter
Procedural Summary
Procedure 1. Achilles Tendon Stretch Chapter
Procedure 2. Side-Entry Atlas & Sacrum Circuit Chapter
Procedure 3. Respiratory Circuit Chapter
Procedure 4. Back LCCR Circuit Chapter
Procedure 5. Back UCCR Circuit Chapter
Procedure 6. Combining Back CCR Circuits Chapter
Procedure 7. Atlas Freedom Circuit Chapter
Procedure 8. Front LCCR Circuit Chapter
Procedure 9. Front UCCR Circuit Chapter
Procedure 10. Combining Front CCR Circuits Chapter
Procedure 11. Combining Front and Back CCR Circuits Chapter

Level One of Books Neural Therapy ™ includes:

  • Triune brain theory; neurology of learning; reticular activating system, limbic system and its various components, survival systems and how they affect our learning and our health
  • Historical layering of events in the nervous system. Going deeper and lower in the brain rather than lateral and higher; why it’s important to go slower and deeper; how to recognize abuse and trauma in the body, how to update neurological circuits without “re-living trauma”. Relieve shocks to the systems not re-live shocks!
  • Diagram20_Front.UCCR, Dyslexia Treatments, ADHD Treatments, Dyslexia Symptoms, Chiropractor, AustinRefining perceptual skills; reading layers in the energy field; perception training; developing non-verbal listening skills that engender trust, develop rapport and enhance treatment
  • Creating a safe place for deep change to happen
  • “Atlas” our top vertebra: how to redeem it from various holding patterns
  • Eye codes and how they affect the long term success of Books Neural TherapyVisual-Field, Dyslexia Treatments, ADHD Treatments, Dyslexia Symptoms, Chiropractor, Austin
  • 8 Core Centering Reflexes (CCR) and building a cohesive nervous system from the bottom up