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  • What is BNT?
  • What makes it different?
  • BNT and the Psyche
  • BNT Treatment Process


What is Books Neural Therapy™

  • Unique—rewires neurology starting at the deepest part of the brain

  • Gentle—repeated light touches on the body restores connections

  • Lasting—practiced in a sequence mimicking normal development to properly organize and strengthen the nervous system and create lasting change

  • Natural—back-to-basics, common sense approach

Books Neural Therapy™ (BNT) is a multidisciplinary approach incorporating the latest advances in neuroscience. BNT re-aligns circuits that have been dysregulated by various traumas, improving neurological and structural deficits that often accompany dyslexia and other learning and behavioral differences. In a sequence that mimics natural neurological development, repeated light touch is used to restore structural mis-alignments and energetic connections in areas of the brain, body, and sense organs involved in learning and other mental activities. Once the treatment series is completed, the brain, body, and sense organs are properly aligned and functionally integrated, and the nervous system is properly nourished by blood and cerebral spinal fluid. BNT creates lasting change by methodically working from the foundation up through the higher levels of the brain. The end result is a highly resilient and complete person with a brain functioning at its full and natural capacities.

”Nothing beautiful ever hurries”. The way of BNT is slow, gentle, deep, and very rewarding to the client and the practitioner. Everyone wins with BNT.

What makes Books Neural Therapy™ different?

Some therapies for dyslexia and other learning disabilities focus only on one component of the sensory system (e.g. eyes or ears) neglecting the need to synchronize that sense with other senses and the nervous system as a whole. Other therapies may treat only one specific part of the brain (limbic, emotional brain or cognitive), or only provide “coping” skills to essentially make the best of the person’s current condition. None of these techniques completely and thoroughly treats the root of the problem. BNT is unique in that it accesses deep layers within the oldest part of the brain, where negative patterns and circumstances interrupt normal brain development and its integration with the body. This causes a chaotic, fearful, or rigid nervous system. Because the nervous system is expending energy compensating for this abnormal state, there are not adequate resources for reading and learning.

Books Neural Therapy™ and the Psyche

It doesn’t take a doctor to know that mental states can influence the body; everyone is familiar with how angry thoughts can induce muscle tension and tie the stomach “in knots.” In recent years, the entire medical community has agreed that chronic stress directly impacts health by lowering the state of the immune system, raising blood pressure, causing psychological disease, and contribute to cancer and heart disease. More surprising is that stressful mental states, that may be conscious or unconscious and from events long ago, can be stored in the body and impact our health, our ability to learn and perform other cognitive mental operations.

Books Neural Therapy™ (BNT) has a practical and clever way of asking the body to reveal any unfinished business like past stressful events and clear them from the system. With BNT, this is accomplished in weeks or months compared to years with talk therapy. Furthermore, with BNT, there is no need to re-live or even discuss the precise event. The event is accessed spontaneously during the process, cleared, and returning the psyche to its natural pre-injured state.

Important Features of BNT

  • Details of a significant event don’t have to be known or discussed in order for the body to process and clear it.

  • It is normal for you and your client to possibly have body memories and/or sensations, (e.g. nausea, fear, nervousness) during muscle monitoring and re-alignments—just allow the feelings to come to the surface and pass.

  • There may be strong feelings of connection between you and your client during the process as you feel compassion for what your client has been experiencing; or you and your client may not feel a thing, now or ever. That doesn’t mean “the magic” isn’t happening, the process works regardless.

  • Trust the process and be patient. Events will be processed and change will occur at the proper times for the client. “Nothing beautiful ever hurries.

The Books Neural Therapy™ Treatment Process

The Books Neural Therapy™ (BNT) treatment process consists of four major sections, each providing the base for the one that follows. Each section must be completed in sequence, and it must also be repeated during each session as a check for backsliding and any new problems.

The four major sections of BNT (Figure I.b.1) are:

  1. Level 1: Body Circuits—Building the Foundation

  2. Level 2 Part 1: Cranial Circuit—Releasing Cranial Trauma

  3. Level 2 Part 2: Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) Circuit—Releasing Physical and Emotional Pain

  4. Level 3: Learning Circuits—Dyslexia and Learning Challenges


The last section, Level 3: Learning Circuits—Dyslexia and Learning Challenges, is where the re-alignments specific to learning differences occur. Here is where the changes the client seeks usually become apparent; however, Level 3 should not be attempted until the previous levels are complete. Doing so would risk the treatment’s success, would not produce lasting change, and might result in the release of strong emotions. This means that during half or more of the treatments, the client may not see changes in his or her learning or behavior. This should be explained in advance to avoid possible disappointment for people who want quick fixes. For success, BNT must be completed in the proper sequence so that the underlying foundation has been prepared and the change will last. If short cuts are taken, the therapy will not be successful, no one is happy and everyone loses.