A. Introduction

  •  The Evolution of Books Neural Therapy™ (BNT)
  • Ideal Qualities for Practitioners

  • Who can learn Books Neural Therapy™ (BNT)?

The Evolution of Books Neural Therapy™ (BNT)—a message from Dr. Phyllis Books

“Necessity is the mother of invention” is an old English proverb, which means necessity forces us to come up with innovative solutions. Such is the reality of Books Neural Therapy™ (BNT).

I wasn’t looking for a solution to learning and behavior problems in children. Learning was, and still is fun for me, and my own children didn’t have any obvious learning challenges. But a problem existed in a larger family called “education”. And “education” was the family I was born into. My mother was a teacher, as were many other close relatives, and I have both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education. At family gatherings, the conversations often involved the various ups and downs of the education profession along with other education-related issues. Frequently the question “Why can’t Johnny read?” would arise in these discussions. Now children who can’t learn are labeled with the broad term “learning disabled”. Learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADHD, have become a large and growing problem. In education circles, they have become the “elephant in the room” that few have succeeded in taming.

As a graduate student, I was assisting at the Michigan State University lab school where first and second graders were learning to read. My emphasis was teaching junior and senior high school children, so I hadn’t had much exposure to elementary school teaching methods. The lab school children were offspring of university professors and graduate students so most were of average or high intelligence. And, for the most part, they came from families where reading was valued and there was enough money for proper nutrition and health care. Despite these advantages, some of these children couldn’t read no matter what methods we employed. This riddle stayed with me for years.

It wasn’t until “God lifted up the road I was on and put it down in another direction” that I ended up in chiropractic school where I was gifted with very detailed information about the brain and nervous system. As I learned about how signals travelling between the brain and body can get derailed impacting health and the body’s internal communications, light bulbs started going off in my head. I began to realize that problems with the underlying neurology could be the root of kids’ learning disabilities, and also impact physical health and mental well-being.

It was ironic to me, as a former English teacher, to discover communication breakdowns in the body that couldn’t be easily described in words or corrected with spoken language. Furthermore, the breakdowns were invisible to the naked eye—there were no obvious wounds to the nervous system. I was seeing an entirely unique communication system going on in the body. So I put on my detective hat, learned this new language, and began decoding the body’s role in learning.

Thank goodness I love to learn. After my master’s degree, I began communication consulting with large companies. After my doctorate in chiropractic, I was armed with new knowledge of the connections between the brain and the body. Then I began studying anything and everything I could get my hands on within the fields of health care, psychology, neuroscience, and child development, from both eastern and western medical approaches. Sprinkle all that book learning in with my own experiences teaching, raising children, and frequent grandmother duties, and Books Neural Therapy™ (BNT) was born.

As with any new development, acknowledgment goes to those before me who paved the way with alternative views of health and treatment modalities. These alternative modalities gave me the basis of the BNT toolkit and include Applied Kinesiology, Sacral Occipital Technique (SOT), Learning Enhancement Program (LEAP), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Affective Neuroscience, Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Spiral Dynamics, Family Constellations, Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (BEST), Neural Organization Technique (NOT), Feldenkreis, body-centered bioenergetic therapy, Brain Gym, trauma release work, rebirthing, and Matrix Energetics.

To all of these teachers and practitioners before me, I am eternally grateful. As a teacher and innovator myself, my greatest pleasure is for others to embrace this work and carry it forward by healing clients and teaching others BNT. My goal is to make this work available to children of any age, anywhere and everywhere in the world. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share this therapy with you so that you may be part of this vision.

Every human being is precious and should be given the opportunity to function at their full and natural capacities. It has been extremely gratifying for me to see the results of BNT in people’s lives. I have had client’s who never finished high school, go on to college, graduate, and become successful beyond their wildest dreams. I have seen kids go from “I can’t read” to “I want to finish the book”. I have seen children become more self-reliant and finish homework willingly. For almost three decades, I have seen BNT restore joy to my client’s and their families, improve health and well-being, and make learning fun again.

Ideal Qualities for Practitioners

  • An efficient brain and clear head—completion of Books Neural Therapy™ (BNT) as a client is highly recommended

  • An open heart—compassion and acceptance are key to effective results

  • Nonjudgmental—ability to see the beauty and goodness in a person regardless of their current behavior or situation; ability to visualize them as whole during treatment sessions

  • Discipline—for lasting success, it is critical to practice BNT strictly according to protocol and not take short cuts

  • Knowledge of basic anatomy and physiology or willingness to learn

  • Sensitivity—ability to sense subtle shifts in the client as the most profound changes may result from the smallest of inputs

Who can learn Books Neural Therapy™ (BNT)?

  • Parents can learn 60-70% of BNT via the online class: The Dyslexia Reversal System™ (a modified BNT training)

  • Teachers and education professionals can learn most of BNT (70-80%)

  • Medical and wellness professionals—doctors and other licensed health care or wellness providers can learn all of BNT (100%) at Practitioner, Mastery, and Elite Mastery Levels, and can also be certified as a BNT Instructor. For more information on the requirements for each level see BNT Certification.


If you’re ready to start as a patient, or have questions, please call me, Dr. Phyllis Books, directly at 512-331-0668 or email: support@drphyllisbooks.com