Requirements & Certification

Books Neural Therapy™ Practitioner Certification Guidelines

Books Neural Therapy ™ Level I-3

Required Reading: a) Reversing Dyslexia by Phyllis Books b) House of Miracles by Bernice Dotz
Suggested Reading: Carla Hannaford’s Smart Moves, Peter Levines’ Waking the Tiger
Sally Goddard’s books on primitive reflexes., Jane Healy’s Your Child’s Growing Mind; George Goodheart’s Applied Kinesiology; anything by John Upledger on Cranial Sacral Technique, Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine
Helpful related courses: Brain Gym; Touch for Health; Cranial Sacral Technique classes,

How to get started with BNT Levels 1-3:

Click here for course content and to register.
This allow access to one year of Online course and 9 days of LIVE Skills Practicums
1) Begin online classes at your convenience to:
a) familiarize you with concepts and principles of BNT;
b) see demonstrations of anatomical landmark and hand positions;
c) increase your ability to absorb LIVE trainings information.
2) Sign up for LIVE Skills Trainings (consists) of 9 days of classes delivered in 3- day segments on 3 sequential months to allow maximum integration of content). Check schedule for times and locations.
Note: Before attending BNT Level One LIVE Skills Practicum, Send in proof of proficiency in Muscle Testing (e.g Touch for Health Level One) and proof of Basic Anatomy and Physiology knowledge (courses, part of allied professional licenses).If you’re rusty, utilize the app: Discover Human Body-anatomy and Physiology:
3) Practice, practice, practice. Especially with other students.

Alumni Student: (if you need more time before seeking BNT Practitioner Certification)

  • Many students need to take all three BNT Live Skills Training Levels1-3 two times
  • $50/month for 12 months allows access to one more year of the online course.
  • Attend additional LIVE class retakes in that same time period for 70% off.

How to become a Certified BNT Practitioner:
1. Pass a written and practical exam (in person or if overseas by skype)
2. Receive BNT sessions from a Certified BNT Practitioner until you are entirely clear through Level 3
3. Submit License to touch
4. Certification subject to written approval of Dr. Books and the Books Institute Advisory Board
5. Once you become Certified in BNT Basic Proficiency, you are listed on the Certified Practitioners section of the website.

BNT Mastery Level Course:

Prerequisites: Certified BNT Levels 1-3
Recommended Reading: Dan Amen’s Change Your Brain, Change your Life; Suzanne Bennet’s 7 Day Allergy Makeover; Devi Nampudripad’s Say Goodbye to Illness, Elaine Mazlish and Adele Faber’s How to Talk So Kids Will Listen, any books and you tube presentations on Emotional Freedom Technique; any books or classes on Neuro Linguistic Programming, Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Belief, Dan Siegel books, such as Mindsight, The Whole Brain Child, Brainstorm, the Developing Mind, Norman Doidge’s The Brain That changes Itself; Judy Willis’ How Your Child Learns Best

Recommended Related Courses: Sue Morter’s Energy Codes (Shift Network); Nick Ortner’s EFT telesummits; Carol Dweck’s online course for 4th-9th graders: Brainology; Dan Amen’s online class for teens and young adults: BrainThrive by 25;

Course Content: The comprehensive model Dr. Books offers BNT clients which include complimentary therapies and protocols to achieve life changing results across a lifetime.

How to Get Started with BNT Mastery Level classes:

Course Content Delivery(over 12 months) : One 3-day Onsite LIVE Skills Practicum  plus 9 once a month live 3-hour ZOOM classes (which will be recorded and available)

BNT Mastery Course Content Overview

  • Going Forward with BNT: (class conducted live via ZOOM and available afterwards)
    • Gathering statistical evidence of your success:
      • What Pre and Post Evaluation Tools to use;
      • How to administer the tests;
      • how to conduct the Transition Interview (bringing in Parenting and School needs once neurological work is set )
    • Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity-what’s going on in brain research and how to describe to clients.
    • Overview of other existing therapies addressing parts of what BNT accomplishes. How to talk knowledgeably with clients about other therapies
  • Additional protocols to enhance BNT in your practice:
    • Trauma release – principles and application
    • Scoliosis protocol,
    • Emotional Clearing Methods ..theories and applications
    • Basic B.E.S. T/Polarity Therapy/ Two point vectors
    • Introducing Nutrition – what labs to use; how to interpret results
  • Life Enhancement therapies to enhance your practice and your life:
    • Introducing Allergy concepts and applications
    • Emotional Clearing with allergies
    • Emotional Clearing Methods – theories, methods and application
    • How to teach basic healthy food prep
  • Becoming an Super Star for your clients:
    • Practicing Self Care to be your best for others
    • Healing your own “blind spots” (can’t help others where we still blind spots)
    • Setting priorities in your personal and professional life
    • Listening to your inner guidance and trusting it more
    • Role Modeling for clients: Enough rest; play and down time, flexible mind

BNT Mastery Level Certification:

  1. Pass written exam and practical exam
  2. Subject to written approval of Dr. Books and the Books Institute Advisory Board.
  3. Certification subject to written approval of Dr. Books and The Books Institute Advisory Board
  4. Once Certified, you are listed on the Certified Practitioner section of the website at the BNT Mastery Level.